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Someone Is Stealing Our Speak-a-Books

Been hearing some strange reports these last few weeks. And it's happened to several attorneys who read these emails. They liked the sound of our Speak-a-Book program, so clicked one of the links at the bottom… Read More

Get in the News for Free? This Is Your Ticket.

"Crckrw...crckrw... crckrw... ... ... bap." Do you know what that hideous noise is? It's the sound of a press release being crumpled into a ball and tossed into the trash where it belongs. And it's a… Read More

How to Position Yourself as More Than “Just Another Attorney”

What Is the Importance of Positioning Yourself as a Legal Specialist? Do you know the old saying, Jack of all trades, master of none? When it comes to your law practice, this is not how you… Read More

The “Lisa Bloom” Secret for Getting Your Law Office in the News

Do you want to get you and/or your law office in the news? Not through paid ads or "advertorial" content. But actually featured in the media, as an expert voice and a respected pillar of the… Read More

3 Words That Explain Why Many Attorneys Struggle

Lawyer Mental Health and Wellness: Why Does It Matter? Like many other demanding occupations, we are seeing disturbing trends in the mental health of legal professionals. For years, the list of professions in the United States… Read More

Seven Ways to Bring in More Cases and Better Quality Cases

What Should You Expect from a Lawyer? Like any other client focused industry, experiences from one law firm to the next will vary. Any legal expert would agree, there are some clear expectations you should be… Read More

Why You Should Write a Guidebook for Your Potential Clients

The most powerful way to build your authority, as an attorney, is to use law firm marketing book publishing to write a guidebook for your potential clients. Unlike other attorneys, Attorney Paul Geller is not just… Read More

What Do AVVO, Rocket and Zoom Understand About Clients That Most Attorneys Don’t?

AVVO, Rocket, Zoom, and other online comparison services understand that clients don’t inherently know all the factors that they need to consider in order to find the right lawyer for them and their situation. People are… Read More

The Commoditization of Small Law Firms and Solo Attorneys in 2020

Commoditization is the action or process of treating something as a mere commodity and it is the biggest problem facing non-corporate attorneys today. Competition has begun to return to the legal industry, as graduating law school… Read More

How to Attract the “Monster Cases” Other Firms Can’t Handle

"John, Esq." is a PI attorney. A few hours ago, he requested a Speak-a-Book info pack. Like many who take this step, he completed a short survey and talked about his number-one marketing challenge and why… Read More

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