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This is a unique and proprietary process that we have developed through almost a decade of
continuous improvement – for “extracting” the wealth of advice, knowledge, and experience that
is locked in your head and transforming it all into a 50- to 90-page structured book.

We are not talking about ghostwriting. The end product of this process is an authentic book that
contains nothing but your own words and ideas. Yet, from your point of view, the entire process
takes less time than you would spend watching a movie.

Here are the five steps of the process:

  • Step 1 – Strategy Session
    This first call takes about 30 minutes. We will brainstorm ideas, decide on a theme and
    overall structure for your book, and then flesh out the high-level contents of each chapter.
  • Step 2 – Deep Dive Interview
    This second call is a relaxed 60- to 90-minute interview, where we ask you a series of pre-
    planned questions that have been specifically chosen to “extract” the content for your book
    and get it down on paper (in the form of a transcript) in a way that is coherent.
  • Step 3 – Draft Manuscript
    While you get on with your life, we will work like dogs to transcribe the call (every word of
    it), remove all the “ums” and “ahs”, and rearrange the content so that it is more structured
    and flows smoothly. At the end of this step, we will send you a copy of the manuscript so
    that you can review it and suggest changes that you feel are necessary. You may also wish to
    edit it yourself – although this is, of course, entirely optional.
  • Step 4 – Design and Lay Out Book
    After you have approved the manuscript, we will lay it out into a professional-looking book,
    complete with a disclaimer, table of contents, table of figures, dedication, and index. We will
    also design a set of front/back covers, which will include publishing information, a registered
    ISBN, and a barcode. Again, at the end of this stage, we will send a final proof of the book to
    you for approval. You can take as long as you need to review this proof.
  • Step 5 – Publish and Promote
    This is our favorite part of the process. After you have approved the final proof, we will
    publish your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kindle, and then provide you with
    logos and links for your website. (For each of these platforms, we create a page for the book
    and an author biography page.) We will also send you a box (or, if you want extra, multiple
    boxes) of physical copies of your book.

IMPORTANT: This process, from start to finish, usually takes around 30 days. Although it
usually takes just a few hours of your time, we carry out a lot of work behind the scenes to turn all
that raw content into a publishable book. Because of the immense amount of work involved, there
is a strict limit to the number of Speak-a-Book™ projects we can accommodate at any one time.

What “Deliverables” Do You Get?

At the end of this process, you will receive:

  1. Intellectual property rights – All intellectual property rights, including the book’s official
    ISBN number, are owned by you. This means you are free to print, re-print, distribute, and
    even republish the book as you see fit.
  2. PDF file of your finished book – You can send this to prospects, clients, peers, business
    contacts, and anybody else, or install it on your website as a “lead magnet” for attracting new
    prospects (see below). You can also take this file to a print shop and have them provide you
    with more physical copies – although we can provide reprints too.
  3. Amazon and Barnes & Noble pages – We will create an author biography and a book page,
    for both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You’ll get the username and passwords for these
    platforms, and URLs and logos for placement on your website, etc.
  4. Printing account – We will set up a new account for you with our recommended printing house. This means you can log in any time you like and order fresh copies of your book directly. You just need to click a button, and your crate of books is on its way. No middleman. No mark-up. You enjoy the same printing rates we get.
  5. Web code for a lead generation widget – Insert this code on your website. Visitors will be
    shown a cover of your book, and prompted the enter their contact information in return for a
    complimentary PDF copy. (This is a great way to turn website visitors into potential clients
    and grow your prospect list.)

All these deliverables will become your property once final edits for book have been approved.

Author Testimonials

“Richard Jacob’s speak-a-book concept is something that interested me the first time I heard about it. Making the book and using it to educate prospective clients not only was interesting but also very lucrative for my practice. Since doing my first initial DWI book, my partners and I have done three other books in the other main practice areas of our firm.”
David Volk, Esq.
(Trial Attorney, TX)

“Wow, I’m blown away. I had known for years I needed to write a book, but did not know where to find the time. I had met Rich and he said his process was pretty simple, and that we could get the whole thing done in around 90 minutes. I was pretty skeptical. But I know and trust Rich, so I went ahead and tried it. I’ve got to say I’m blown away with the results. The quality is amazing. And I’m now positioned better than anyone else in my market to be *the* guy. I’m just really thankful and proud.”
Charlie Madison
(Consultant, TN)

“Writing all these books would’ve taken years – honestly, they probably would never have been written otherwise. After 3 re-prints of our DUI book alone, we can conservatively attribute a 6-to-1 return on money spent. (My suspicion is that it’s far higher than that.) Becoming attorney authors has added to our brand and helped build our reputation among potential clients and other attorneys.”
David Katz, Esq.
(Criminal Defense Lawyer, FL)

“I did a bail law / criminal defense book that impressed a new bail bondsman that in just a few months made me $25,000.00 and landed me a speaking gig before a national bail bond organization. So I made national contacts and have even more authority.”
Brian Manchester, Esq.
(Defense Attorney, PA)

“The team was great and really helped pull the project together. When I wanted changes, they made changes. Nothing was a big deal. Nothing was a drama. The team at Speakeasy just got the job done. I can't recommend them enough. The book has benefited my business by helping me to create a higher profile and awareness which has led to more paid speaking gigs and in turn more clients.”
Dr. Dave Nicol
(Veterinarian, UK)

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other respected professionals – leverage their book to attract more of
the clients they want, differentiate their practice from competitors (so
they can charge premium fees), and protect their staff and livelihood
from desperate competitors who cut prices to the bone?

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