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David J. King, Esq.

David J. King, Esq.

David J. King, Esq.
(South Dakota And Iowa)

Auto Accidents

The King Law Firm has helped thousands of clients and their families in auto accidents. After reaching a fair settlement, clients can heal and move on with their lives without the financial burden caused by a serious accident.

Attorney-Client Relationship – Building Trust

When I first meet clients after they have been in an accident, I hear a lot of concerns about medical bills. They are worried about how they are going to pay for medical treatment. They have questions about who will pay for their medical treatment and about getting their car fixed.

I also hear a lot of concerns about how the accident is affecting the entire family financially. They are worried about how they will pay the bills during the pendency of their case.

In those first few meetings with a client, I work to build their trust by trying to understand their injuries and how they are affecting them. We take the time to work up their case from the start, leaving nothing out.

We start by listening to the client’s story and how their injuries have affected them. Then we record the information we need, meet with witnesses, and, if required, hire private investigators. We work the case up properly, documenting the many different types of injuries they have sustained – economic, physical, and mental/ emotional.

The economic injuries are easier to itemize and prove and include damages like medical bills and lost wages. However, in my view, the non-economic damages are even more critical to work-up and prove, such as:

  • the permanency of the injury;
  • the nature and extent of the injury;
  • the effect on the person’s mind, body, and spirit;
  • their loss of enjoyment of life; and
  • their pain and suffering.

These types of damages matter greatly. We’ve been working on auto accident cases for a long time, and we do an outstanding job at it.

When we first meet with a client, we begin collecting the necessary evidence:

  • Documentation received from the police
  • Insurance exchange information
  • Documentation from the at-fault insurance carrier
  • Correspondence from their insurance carrier
  • Driver’s license and health insurance information

Then we have them execute a variety of authorizations to gather their medical records:

  • HIPAA authorizations
  • HITECH medical authorizations
  • Release of insurance information
  • Medicare authorizations and proof of representation to Medicare

We need all this information to process their claim adequately.

It’s critical to the attorney-client relationship for a client to meet with their lawyer and establish a relationship of trust. I often hear that lawyers don’t meet with their clients. That’s certainly not how we do it at King Law Firm.

At King Law Firm, we have a streamlined process to professionally work up and resolve cases. Once we’ve established that attorney-client relationship, we set up follow-up appointments. We have internal case processing standards, whereby we handle the case on a reliable timeline. Following this process is essential to move each case forward successfully.

David J. King, Esq.

David J. King, Esq.
(South Dakota And Iowa)

Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents Law In South Dakota And Iowa
Published Date: Sep 2022

Auto Accidents Law In South Dakota And Iowa

I want the readers to better understand their rights, and responsibilities, what they can expect in an auto accident case, how long it can take, and the proper legal handling of an auto accident case.

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