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How to Position Yourself as More Than “Just Another Attorney”

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In my previous article (“The ‘Lisa Bloom’ Secret for Getting Your Law Office in the News”), we talked about “hero” positioning.

(AKA “champion” positioning.)

It’s when folks see you as more than “just another lawyer”, more than “just” an experienced attorney, and, yes, more than a “mere” authority.

They see you as a champion of a cause.

A pillar of the community whose name keeps coming up in the media every now and then, who people admire and respect. The first (and maybe only) attorney in your city or metro who immediately comes to mind when your practice area comes up in conversation. The name everyone knows.

Not only potential clients.

But referral partners, journalists, and event organizers too.

You may even build a personal brand that’s so powerful, every man, woman, and legal person in your metro wants you fighting their corner. Even if their legal need or problem has nothing to do with your practice area.

This kind of “hero” positioning isn’t easy to create.

(If it were, everyone would have it.)

And, frankly, it’s not something you can create overnight.

However, there is a way to rapidly accelerate your ascent. A specific thing you can do to align yourself with a cause or ideal, re-launch your personal brand, and take your show on the road. Something that will help you create a lot of momentum quickly and starting getting your name in the news.

Which is?

Author a new book.

But not just any book. A “cause” book.

We’ve helped attorneys author and publish a lot of these over the years. And, to be frank with you, it’s probably my favorite kind of Speak-a-Book project.

Here are a few examples that come to mind:

  • Only in America: Case for Immigration and International Human Rights, by Martin Asatrian, Esq. (Immigration in an emotive issue right now, and one that is often in the news. In this book, Mr. Asatrian stakes his claim as the champion for decent folks who want to settle in America and the people, businesses, and corporations that support them. He also positions himself as the voice of lawyers who are pro-immigration.)
  • The New Witch Hunt: A Guide for the Accused in Sexual-Based Criminal Prosecutions, by Brent Horst, Esq. (Positions our client, Mr. Horst, as the champion for good men who have been wrongly accused of committing a sex crime and the voice of lawyers fighting for them. Far more than “just another defense lawyer”.)
  • Your Guide to Road Cycling Safety in Colorado, Bryan VanMeveren, Esq. (Our client offers a complimentary copy of this book to everyone in the Fort Collins, CO metro area who cycles to work or for pleasure. In doing so, he has positioned himself as the champion of road safety for cyclists, and the local media’s go-to contact for quotes and insight. Accidents unfortunately happen, and when they do, it’s often Mr. VanMeveren who immediately comes to folks minds.)

Can you see yourself authoring a book like one of these?

An officially published book — created using our proprietary method to get the enormous wealth of knowledge and wisdom that’s in your head down on paper, in your own words, and transformed into a tangible asset?

Now, at this stage, I’d normally invite you to apply to the Speak-a-Book program. Or, at the very least, request a sample book and info pack.

Don’t do that! At least not yet.

Here’s why:

Next week, we’re opening the doors on a brand-new service package for our Speak-a-Book program. Something we’ve never offered before.

I’m putting the finishing touches on the information page right now. And I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. So, I’ll say no more at the moment.

Except this:

A lot of folks are talking about going “back to school” or “back to work” now it’s September. About resuming their old jobs, their old businesses.

This package is for lawyers who don’t want to go back.

Lawyers who don’t want to go back to the way things were before. For solo attorneys and owners/partners of firms who want to reboot their practices, and use this fresh start as an opportunity to step up to the next level.

In other words, to RISE.

And become known as an attorney who is more than “just another lawyer”. An attorney who stands for something, who is seen as an icon.

Does this describe you as well?

If so, my next article shows you how to make this shift.

Interested in authoring a book?

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