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Are you interested in becoming our next Jacobs & Whitehall published author? Depending on how much you know about us, our
unique Speak-a-Book™ method, and our terms and conditions, there are two different ways to take the next step:

Next Step #1:
Learn More about the Process

Click the button below to request a complimentary sample
book and information pack
, which will be sent to your office.

This information pack takes you through everything you need to
know about the Speak-a-Book™ method, what you can expect,
and all the terms and pricing/payment options.

(100% complimentary. No credit card required.)

Next Step #2:
Apply to Become an Author

Click the button below to schedule a 30-minute Discovery
. You will get on the phone with one of our top
consultants, brainstorm possible book titles, and then agree on a
high-level outline for your new book.

At the end of this friendly call, you will be given the choice to
either: (1) pass over the project, and receive a full refund on the
cost of this consultation; or (2) go ahead and author your book.

(Requires a refundable deposit of $500.)

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