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About Us

Jacobs & Whitehall is a publishing house for respected professionals.

We help attorneys, dentists, and other respected professionals in the United States become
published authors, so they can attract more of the clients/patients they want, without having to
compete on price. Our proprietary Speak-a-Book™ method makes authoring a book easy.

Founded in 2013, we were originally a division of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., a full-service
marketing firm for solo attorneys and small law practices, based in Oakland Gardens, NY. Over
the next six years, we helped more than 180 of Speakeasy’s clients elevate their positioning as an
authority and attract more of the cases they wanted. In 2019, we branched out as an independent
publishing house – and a “sister” agency of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc.

A few interesting facts:

  • It takes only 2-3 hours for our authors to “draft” their book using our Speak-a-Book™
    method. We take care of almost all the heavy lifting.
  • We do not provide ghostwriting services. Although our authors do not physically
    “write” their manuscripts, their books comprise their own words and ideas.
  • The entire process, from brainstorming possible titles and concepts to publishing the
    finished book, can be completed in as little as 30 days.
  • Every book we help create is assigned an official ISBN number and then published on
    Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, making our clients bona fide published authors.
  • As a publishing house, we currently have 70+ authors.
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