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How to Attract the “Monster Cases” Other Firms Can’t Handle

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“John, Esq.” is a PI attorney.

A few hours ago, he requested a Speak-a-Book info pack.

Like many who take this step, he completed a short survey and talked about his number-one marketing challenge and why he wants to author a book.
What he wrote is interesting.

There’s a (IMHO) valuable lesson here for other attorneys who to attract quality cases. (Not only PI lawyers. Applies to other practice areas too.)

John writes:

We don’t need or want a thousand cases per attorney. We want the cases where our experience provides value… the monster cases other [inexperienced] lawyers can’t handle.

He adds:

Experience matters in difficult cases.

Maybe you feel the same way as John.

You don’t necessarily want to attract a deluge of business.

Just a few complex (or at least unusual) situations or cases where your unique experience creates value, where you can command high fees.

If so, here’s one way to do that.

These “monster cases” — what do they look like?

What kind of people typically bring them to you? What makes these particular people different from your ordinary run-of-the-mill clients? Is it who they are, i.e. demographics? Is it the questions they ask? Is it their specific needs?

What specifically makes them “monster” cases?

How does your experience create value?

These are NOT rhetorical questions. Actually sit down with a notepad and pen and answer them. Your answers are the key to attracting these clients.
You want to author a book that speaks to this particular type of client. A book that explains to them why their case is different from other injury cases.
Potential clients eat this kind of thing up.

You can run your own ads, or modify your Avvo (and other directory) profiles so that it says: “Are you a ____________ who has been injured at _______? There are several important nuances that make your case different from other injury cases, and may entitle you to more compensation. Our book explains more. Call XXX-XXXX to request a complimentary copy now.”

(I’m paraphrasing. But you get the idea.)

This is a great way to attract quality leads. And when these potentials come into your office or get on Zoom, your positioning is vastly different.

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Interested in learning more about our Speak-a-Book service?

Click the link below to request a complimentary information pack. (We’ll also send one or two physical sample books from your practice area.)



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