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How Some Attorneys Get to Choose the Clients They Represent

Some attorneys choose the clients they work with. However, there's also a lot of solo attorneys and managing partners of small firms who will gladly take on any case that comes through the door. It's not… Read More

3 Tools for Attracting and Closing Potential Clients Remotely

"This too shall pass." Humanity has faced many tests, and these words have been uttered by the wise for thousands of years, anytime we were at risk of losing our heads. This pandemic will pass too.… Read More

Should Attorneys Give Away Their Smarts?

A piece of legal marketing dogma I often hear: "Attorneys shouldn't give away their smarts on their website." "Every man and his dog who suddenly finds themselves with a legal problem wants clarity on their situation… Read More

Left in the Lurch

Today, a cautionary story. About an attorney who was left in the lurch. One that is very relevant right now — and prudent to think carefully about, even if doing so makes us feel uncomfortable, given… Read More

Good Luck, Bad Luck… Who Really Knows?

What I'm about to say might be controversial. And I am, in no way, meaning to make light of the Coronavirus situation. A few of my friends are sick with this disease right now. It's no… Read More

Should Attorneys Chase Potentials?

Should attorneys chase potential clients? It's a good question. And the answer isn't as obvious as one might, at first, suppose. Before I give you my answer, we need to make an important distinction between chasing… Read More

Child Custody Cases and Satanic Vampire Covens

I was reading a bizarre lawyer "war story" earlier. It involves a child custody case, a Satanic vampire coven, and a fascinating glimpse at how potentials with interesting and, potentially, lucrative cases end up gravitating toward… Read More

4 Ways to Weed Out Tire-Kicker “Potentials”

What I'm about to share might seem "mercenary". But I wholeheartedly believe that, as an attorney and an authority figure, your time is too valuable to be squandered on people who can't afford your fees, or… Read More

Like Getting Blood from a Stone

There's a lesson here, somewhere. A few years back — against my better judgment — I accepted an attorney who I will call "Bruce, Esq." into the Speak-a-Book program. What made me hesitate? He had been… Read More

Is “Speaking” a Book Ethical?

Since it's Friday, let's do some "Q&A". I've received several fascinating replies to my email yesterday, and to the rhetorical question that I asked ("Does 'Esq.' still mean anything?"). First comment, from Frank, Esq.: I prefer… Read More

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