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How To Attract New Patients With Dignity

How to attract new patients with dignity

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Question for you:

If I were to tell you that I have a FREE resource that outlines 15 specific patient outreach strategies – strategies that many dentists don’t know about, that could give you an edge over competitors – would you want to see it?

(Outreach strategies that are not only effective, but also tasteful.)

Who knows?

Maybe you already know about these strategies.

(Unlikely, because most of them come from clients of ours in other professions, mostly law, who are doing well right now. Not a lot of dentists use these.)

However, if just one of these 15 strategies is new to you, and you decide to adopt it, well… it could help you attract more of the patients you want, get more of them to commit to their recommended treatment plans (and sooner), and make them more willing to pay premium-level fees for the treatments they really need.

So, it pays to keep your mind open to new outreach ideas, right?

(Especially if peers of yours from other respected professions, like law or medicine are using them to successfully attract and retain high-quality, affluent clients.)

Anyway, I do have such a resource.

It’s my latest guide, The Authority Advantage. On pages 11-13, I outline fifteen outreach strategies you can use to attract new patients with dignity.

Definitely worth a read over a cup of coffee.

Click the link below, confirm your practice’s address, and we’ll send a complimentary printed copy to you through the mail. No strings.

Request a copy of my Authority Advantage report:

Interested in authoring a book?

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Interested in learning more about our Speak-a-Book service?

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