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Dentists Who Have “Content Envy”

Dentists Who Have Content Envy

Interested in writing a book but don’t have the time? Our Speak-a-Book service helps dentists author a book in as little as 2-3 hours. Request a complimentary sample book and info pack.


A while back, I was having an conversation with a dentist client of ours, about a phenomenon that’s becoming more and more common in the profession.

Let’s call it “content envy”.

You see, most dentists have now come to appreciate that, when it comes to attracting new patients through Google, content really is king.

Ceteris paribus, the dentist who has more and better content on their website tends to attract more and better patients. It sounds simple, but it’s the truth.

Most of our client’s competitors have about 4-8 regular pages on their website and maybe, if they are “prolific”, about a dozen or so old blog posts.

So, imagine their surprise – when they type our client’s name into Google, scope out his website, and see that his practice has exactly 126 helpful, informative, and plain-talking articles that answer all the most common questions patients ask.

In terms of authority, this puts him in a different league.

His competitors can see it (hence the “content envy”).

Google can see it.

And, most importantly, potential patients can see it.

When they search Google for a dentist, chances are they have the websites of 3-4 competitors open in separate browser tabs, for easy comparison.

(This is how people “shop” online now.)

When they see that one dentist has 6 pages, and another has 5, but our client has more than 126 helpful pages, who do you think they’re going to call first? That’s the power of content.

And it’s only natural that other dentists would be envious of that.

I would be too if I were in their shoes.

The question is, though:

How did our client produce so much high-quality content?

It’s simple.

He went through our Speak-a-Book™ process with us, to author his own book without writing a single word – and we then helped him “repurpose” his book material as separate content articles which he published on his website.

The process of authoring the book took just under two and half hours.

When we delivered his finished book manuscript in PDF format, he handed the file to his admins and had them, over a period of a few weeks, spend their “down time” publishing each section as a blog – no less than 126 of them.

He says it was probably one of the best investments he ever made.

Because there’s no doubt that this library of content has attracted scores of new patients through Google over the last few years.

Even better, since, as we all know, patients often check dentists out on Google even when they meet offline, who knows how many referrals and “organic” patient leads it has converted too?

Would you like to have more than 100 high-quality content articles on your website – for everyone to see when they Google your name?

If so, you might want to check out our Speak-a-Book™ service too.

Click the link below, give us your details, and we’ll send some material over to you in the mail. You’ll get a sample book, so you can see what this content looks like, and you’ll also get a special report that details more than a dozen other ways, similar to this strategy, that our dental clients leverage their new book to help them get more of the patients they want and become the undisputed authority.

Here’s where you need to go:

Interested in authoring a book?

The next step is to apply to our Speak-a-Book program, so we can jump on the phone, run through the terms of our service, and brainstorm book ideas. (We’ll also reserve a provisional spot for you in our project calendar.)

Apply here:


Interested in learning more about our Speak-a-Book service?

Click the link below to request a complimentary information pack. (We’ll also send one or two physical sample books from your practice area.)



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