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Should Attorneys Give Away Their Smarts?

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A piece of legal marketing dogma I often hear:

“Attorneys shouldn’t give away their smarts on their website.”

“Every man and his dog who suddenly finds themselves with a legal problem wants clarity on their situation and reassurance from an attorney.”

“The moment we give it to them, we’re toast.”

“They’ll try to solve their problem themselves — or, worse, turn to some desperate junior who’ll implement our advice for a fraction of our fee.”

If they want our advice, they can call and ask for it.

I get it.

And, on the surface, this idea makes a lot of sense.

Until you consider three things:

First, that it costs nothing to “give away your smarts” like this.

Second, the cheapskates who run with your wisdom and pay some other fool to represent them for half your fee were never going to hire you anyway.

Third, that content often attracts the very clients you do want, since they are deeply invested in their situation or case, and will often spend many hours learning about their different options and ascertaining the best solution.

For this reason, I always urge our Speak-a-Book clients to repurpose their book content into a series of articles or blogs on their website.

It takes an afternoon.

They can literally copy and paste the content from the book.

And we know from experience — and many, many hours spent tracking where leads came from — that high-quality potentials will often spend many hours reading one article after the other, before realizing that you are exactly the kind of attorney they want representing them and call for a consult.

By that time, they are already pre-sold on retaining you.

This is why it pays to “give away your smarts”.

And it’s another reason to author a Speak-a-Book with us.

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