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Left in the Lurch

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Today, a cautionary story.

About an attorney who was left in the lurch.

One that is very relevant right now — and prudent to think carefully about, even if doing so makes us feel uncomfortable, given the situation.

I was talking with an attorney the other day.

The reason we were on the phone? Business had dried up. For years, he’d been getting almost all his business through two referral partners. They were two old-school attorneys, from complementary practice areas, who he had known for at least 30 years. They sent him red-hot, pre-qualified clients.

Life was great.

“B. Esq.” didn’t need to advertise. He didn’t need to schmooze. He just answered the phone when it rang, and the people at the other end already wanted to hire him. He had all the new cases he could ever need.

Until he woke one morning to learn that one of his partners, an older gentleman, had died. And then, a few weeks later, the other retired.

Just like that, he was left in the lurch.

He might as well have been opening a new law practice.

This situation is not uncommon. Especially with attorneys of a certain generation, who “came of age” and built their practices before the internet. The referral networks they’ve relied on for years, maybe decades — they’re getting older, and they don’t have new partners coming in to replace them. One day, they wake up and find they too have been left in the lurch.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Now is the time to invest in building new ways for attracting quality clients. Before you need it, so it has time to take root and grow. Not when you come into the office one day and find you no longer have a referral network.

Here’s our favorite method for doing that (in a nutshell):

1. Author an authority book.

2. Set up a page on your website where potentials can complete a short questionnaire and enter their contact details in return for a free copy. (So you only send it to high-quality potentials, and not freebie seekers.)

3. Find podcasts, radio shows, email newsletters, magazines, newspapers, Facebook groups, YouTube channels, industry journals, publications, and any other platforms/entertainment/gurus that your clients follow.

4. Write a press release and send it to them. (There’s a way for you to get a red-hot press release from us, on the house. One that is ideal for this very purpose. I’ll tell you about it when we talk on the phone.)

5. Get on their platforms, share good content, and plug your book. It’s an easy way for people who need your services to get in touch.

That’s the method.

It’s not revolutionary, I’ll admit.

And it won’t make your phone blow up overnight.

But if you get enough of these third-party content pieces under your belt, you’ll have a gravitational field that attracts potentials to you for years.

And not just any potentials.

Pre-qualified potentials, who have already spent time consuming your content, who already come pre-sold on retaining you specifically.

You need that book, though.

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