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4 Ways to Weed Out Tire-Kicker “Potentials”

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What I’m about to share might seem “mercenary”.

But I wholeheartedly believe that, as an attorney and an authority figure, your time is too valuable to be squandered on people who can’t afford your fees, or don’t have a viable case, or couldn’t care less who represents them.


Then good.

Because here are four simple things you can do (or, better yet, have your admin do on your behalf) to weed out potentials who don’t make the cut.

1. Screen new potentials immediately — Ask them a series of questions about their situation. If they refuse to answer, they’re not serious. And if they give you answers you don’t like, they’re not a fit. (Turn away or refer.)

2. Ask for their address — This is so you can send them a complimentary copy of your book, which contains vital information about their situation. If they refuse to give it, they’re not serious. So wish them luck.

3. Screen them using your book — What? That’s right. Your book should contain a few anecdotes and case studies, complete with a few “incidental” mentions of what clients paid (approximately) to retain you. People who can’t afford those fees won’t come in for a consult, which is what you want.

4. Charge for consults and/or case reviews — A nominal fee, which is applied to your retainer should they decide to have you represent them. This weeds out potentials who, having read your book, aren’t pre-sold of hiring you.

You don’t have to implement all of these tactics.

Just one or two should make a difference.

Yes, you’ll turn away leads. However, when you step into the office one morning and see that you have to sit down with a potential client for an hour, you will no longer have that sinking feeling that you’re wasting your time.

Because if they’ve made it this far, chances are they have the money to pay your fees, have a viable case, and are already sold on retaining you.

And what’s more, your positioning is a lot stronger.

That’s my two cents of advice for today.

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