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If you’re reading this page, then you already know about our Speak-a-Book program.

You are already familiar with the five-step process we use to “extract” the wealth of advice,
knowledge, and experience that is locked in your head and transform it all into a 50- to 90-
page structured book. This service sounds like exactly the kind of thing you need right now –
and you’re ready to take the first step in becoming a published author.

So, if we were to say to you, “Let’s jump on a 30-minute call (which is the first step of the
Speak-a-Book program) brainstorm some different ideas for your book, and you don’t
commit to paying a single dime until we’ve agreed on a high-level outline for your book” –
would you grab this opportunity with both hands?

Because that is what this complimentary discovery consultation is about.

For up to 30 minutes, we will:

All we ask is that you lay down a $500 refundable deposit today.

This deposit is to protect our consultants’ time. The only circumstances in which you won’t
get this $500 back is if, even after agreeing on a mutually convenient date and time, you fail
to show up for the discovery consultation without giving our consultant enough notice or
making reasonable effort to reschedule – which is entirely fair, right?

This $500 locks in your place on our project calendar, yet it confers no obligation on
you to continue with this project
. By the time we get to the end of the discovery
consultation call, if you’re not excited about the direction that we are taking your book, or if
you have any second thoughts about the project, just let us know before you hang up the
phone, and we’ll refund this deposit. No questions. No talk of contracts. No hard feelings.

The vast majority of folks, however, choose to get their book done.

And if you do too, the next step, after this first call, is to pay the balance of the fee, which is
$5,497. (If you would prefer, you can break this down into two payments of $2,949 – one at
the end of this call, and the other after 30 days.)

After you complete the checkout below and pay your $500 refundable deposit, you will be
able to schedule a 30-minute slot for your discovery consultation. (You will receive an email
from our team will full instructions.)

Apply to the Speak-a-Book Program
  1. Complete a Short Application Form

    Click the button below, enter a few details, and hit “Next”.

  2. Lay Down a $500 Refundable Deposit

    This is to protect our consultant’s time. You will get it back.

  3. Discovery Consultation Over the Phone

    Let’s run through the terms of our service, clarify your goals, brainstorm a
    few book ideas, and make sure our unique program is right for you.

  4. Your Call: ‘AYE’ or ‘NAY’

    If you decide to go ahead with the project, your $500 deposit will be applied
    to the project fee due. And if you don’t, you will receive a full refund.

  5. Turn Your Idea into a Published Book

    You will receive an email from Tracy Merda, our Senior Project Manager,
    formally welcoming you to the program. She will take you through every step
    of the process and help you create your new book and get it published.

We are really looking forward to working with you on this project.

Out of all the services we’ve ever offered to attorneys, physicians, dentists, and other
licensed/respected professionals, the Speak-a-Book program is one the most popular and
highly praised – and for good reason.

Because it’s a no-brainer.

You already know and understand the power of authority in your profession.

You know that in a world where, sadly, perception is now the new reality, being the attorney
who literally wrote the book on your area of expertise or specialization is one of the only
ways left to differentiate your practice from competitors.

Become a published author, and you’ll have an asset that will help you attract more of the
clients you want, command premium-level fees, and protect your staff and livelihood from
desperate competitors who are cutting their prices to the bone in a misguided effort to steal
clients from competitors.

And consider this:

If your book, and the new level of authority that comes with it, helps you to attract just one or
two new clients who would have otherwise gone with a competitor, then it has already paid
for itself – which means you get all the advantages we have discussed elsewhere, and the
intangible benefits that come with them, for nothing.

Just one or two new clients. That’s all it takes for this investment to pay for itself.


Tracy Merda is the Senior Project Manager of Jacobs & Whitehall Publishing, a publishing house that helps respected professionals who are too busy to write a book the “traditional” way author their own book, ethically, in just 2-3 hours using a proprietary interview method. Since 2018, Tracy has helped 70+ attorneys, dentists, physicians, consultants, engineers, and other professionals become published authors.

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