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Tracy Merda

Attorney Publishing Specialist

“This Is an Insanely Novel Idea…”

“… Possibly the ONLY Way for Busy Lawyers to
Author a Book Ethically and Get It Published.”

“I had known for years I needed to write a book. People kept telling me I should write a
book. I just didn’t know where to start, or where to find the time.”

Does this sound like something you might say? If so, then I think you’ll want to pay close
attention to the opportunity I’m about to share with you.

Because, as you know, the legal profession has become ruthlessly competitive over the last
several years – and, in today’s cutthroat environment, being recognized by actual and potential
clients as a respected authority is one of the only ways left to defend your practice from
desperate junior attorneys who are cutting their prices to the bone.

How does one become a respected authority?

By becoming an author. Because, in this context, that is where the word “authority” comes from.
It refers to somebody who literally wrote the book on what they do, and who is able to provide
reliable information that is easy to understand.

Any attorney can say that they are “board certified”.

Any attorney can say that they have “more than 20 years of experience”.

But very, very few can present themselves as – for example – "author of Hurt in an Accident in
San Antonio: How to Lock in Your Best Chance for Maximum Compensation”.

This is why they can command so much more authority.

Writing a book is not easy, though. In fact, it’s difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating work. At
least, it is if you author your book the “old-fashioned” way.

We have developed a MUCH easier way to get it done.

The Speak-a-Book Method:
"Author a book in less time than it takes to watch a movie."

You know the Christopher Nolan movie, Batman Begins?

It runs for 2 hours and 20 minutes. Our proprietary Speak-a-Book method requires, for most
clients, less than two hours of your time, spread over 2-3 calls. In other words, you can finally
get that book done in less time than you would spend watching a decent movie.

We take care of virtually all the heavy lifting – and deliver a respectable, professional-looking
book that is 100% finished and ready to be distributed however you see fit.

And we also take care of the publishing and promotion.

Do You Want to See a Sample Speak-a-Book?

This all might sound outrageous to you, or at least somewhat dubious.

If you’re anything like most of the two hundred or so attorneys, dentists, and physicians who
we’ve taken through this process, then you’re no doubt skeptical about this idea. You probably
want to see one of these books with your own eyes, right? So you can see if they are the kind
of books that you would feel comfortable handing out to clients and referral partners?

I respect that.

So, here’s what I’m going to do:

Enter your details into the form, and we’ll send one or two sample books to your office. You’ll
be able to hold it in your hands, flick through the pages, and make up your own mind.

Also, I’ll send you a complimentary copy of our report, The Authority Advantage.

Because it explains:

  • Why being a published author helps you attract more of the clients you want, command
    premium fees, and protect your practice from desperate attorneys who cut prices…
  • The state of the legal profession in 2020, and why attorneys who fail to differentiate
    their law firms are at the mercy of commoditization…
  • Six book ideas for solo attorneys and small law firms…
  • 15 marketing and positioning strategies that our clients use to leverage their new book,
    as well as their new status as a published author… (All of them are considered ethical
    and professional by most state bar associations. We have verified this.)
  • The five steps of our Speak-a-Book program, and what you can expect at each stage…
  • How to put in a PRIORITY APPLICATION to our project calendar, skip straight to the
    front of the line, and, potentially, get your own book in as little as 30 days…

So, enter your details, and we’ll be pleased send it all over.

“Ideal for those of us with writer’s block to get your book out there in writing quickly and easily.
Most of us can talk for hours about our fields, but when it comes time to write, we suffer from
paralysis due to over-analysis. The solution is Speak-a-Book.”

“Second, nothing separates you from your competitors like expertise. And nothing says
expertise better than a book written by you.
I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

– Gordon Levinson, Esq., Carlsbad, CA
(Car Accident Attorney)

“This speak-a-book concept is something that interested me the first time I heard about it.
Making the book and using it to educate prospective clients not only was interesting but also
very lucrative for my practice. Since doing my first initial DWI book, my partners and I have
done three other books
in the other main practice areas of our firm.”

– David Volk, Esq., San Antonio, TX
(Trial Attorney)

“Writing all these books would’ve taken years – honestly, they probably would never have
been written otherwise. After 3 re-prints of our DUI book alone, we can conservatively attribute
a 6-to-1 return on money spent.
(My suspicion is that it’s far higher than that.)”

“Becoming attorney authors has added to our brand and helped build our reputation among
potential clients and other attorneys.”

– David Katz, Esq., Orlando, FL
(Criminal Defense Attorney)