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Mission and Values

Our mission is to use our proprietary Speak-a-Book™ method to help respected professionals who are too busy to write a book become bona fide published authors.

The following are our guiding values:

  • Accessibility – Many professionals aspire to, one day, produce a book that will
    contribute to their profession’s body of knowledge. The books we help to author and
    publish are not those kinds of book. Our books are intended to be read by the layperson
    and to answer their questions and concerns in a way that is friendly yet dignified.
  • Intellectual Honestly – We believe that the words of a book should be its author’s own,
    and should contain his or her own thoughts, ideas, and experience. We do not believe in
    ghostwriting, and do not provide this service to any of our clients.
  • Pragmatism – No book will never be perfect, even if its author were to spend an entire
    lifetime working on it. We believe that it is better to publish a good book and put it out
    there now – so that it can attract new clients or patients – than to waste years trying to
    chase perfection and missing out on all the benefits of being a published author.
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