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This agreement is between Speakeasy Marketing, Inc. (“SPEAK”), a New York Corporation, and your organization (“CLIENT”).

Services Rendered

SPEAK and CLIENT will get on the phone for an initial Strategy Session call, where a topic and conceptual outline for CLIENT’S book will be agreed. During a subsequent call, SPEAK will conduct a phone interview with CLIENT, typically 60-90 minutes in length. The questions asked by SPEAK during the phone interview will be tailored to the topic of the book, as agreed during the first call. Once the phone interview has been completed, and recorded, it will be transcribed. The resulting transcript will be edited and re-formatted to chapter book format. SPEAK will create a front and back cover art for the book, both in physical and PDF format, and a set of “e-covers” (electronic images of the front and back cover of the book) will also be created. All costs of the phone interview, question preparation, recording, transcription, graphic design, editing, and editorial layout will be borne by SPEAK. CLIENT will be responsible for making final edits to the book, if desired, and returning the edited version to SPEAK. Once final edits from CLIENT have been provided, SPEAK will assimilate them into a chapter book format and return the files to CLIENT for final approval. SPEAK will then, after approval from CLIENT, send the completed files to be physically printed. One hundred (100) books will be printed and shipped to CLIENT’s office. The printed books will have full color covers and will be black and white for all inside pages, using 5½ x 8½ inch format. All costs of printing, and shipping will be borne by SPEAK for this initial printing.


At the end of this process, SPEAK will deliver to CLIENT: (1) PDF file of the finished book; (2) URLs to any author and book pages created on Amazon and other platforms, as well as login information for the accounts; (3) a box of 100 physical books; and (4) web code for a lead generation widget. All intellectual property rights will also be transferred to CLIENT. (See page 15 of The Authority Advantage report.)

Terms of Agreement and Costs

CLIENT will be charged an initial deposit of $500 immediately. (This deposit is refundable if, and only if, CLIENT states during the initial Strategy Session call that they wish to cancel this project.) Once SPEAK and CLIENT have completed the initial Strategy Session call, the balance of the project fee can be paid in one of two ways: (a) one payment of $4,497; or (b) two payments of $2,447, with the first payment due then and the second payment due 30 calendar days later. SPEAK will charge these payments to CLIENT’s credit card.

If additional services are selected, those amounts will be added to the service cost and are due and payable 30 days after the initial Strategy Session call. This agreement ends once CLIENT has made final revisions to the book, given final approval, and SPEAK delivers the finished product In PDF and physical form to CLIENT.

How to Terminate or Amend This Agreement

This agreement may be amended only in writing by both SPEAK and CLIENT. CLIENT may request a cancellation and 100% refund up until the time that the phone interview to create the book has been conducted. After the phone interview has been conducted, no refunds will be given.

Disclosure of Efficacy of Services Provided

SPEAK will, on a best-efforts basis, provide its services to CLIENT. The measurable and quantifiable results of SPEAK’s work may, at times, exceed or fall short of reasonable expectations of CLIENT. No guarantee is made or implied by SPEAK that CLIENT will experience any significant improvements in business revenue, number of clients retained or customers acquired, number of phone calls, emails, or other leads, number of in-office or phone consultations, number of PDF book downloads, or any other result for the CLIENT now or in the future. Results vary and depend on may factors, including CLIENT’S use of the book, the economy, and other unknown factors.

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