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This informative podcast with Richard Jacobs, entrepreneur, founder of Speakeasy Marketing, and principal of Jacobs & Whitehall, a specialized publishing house for business and medical professionals, covers the topic of publishing. Jacobs discusses the value of publishing your expertise, with Tracy Merda, Senior Coordinator for Jacobs & Whitehall.

Publishing is a powerful tool that can help many businesses bring in new clients and/or patients. Jacobs & Whitehall’s proprietary Speak-a-Book™ system simplifies the process of getting a book out into the marketplace. With their system, professionals can easily speak about what they know and turn their knowledge and information into a book that will then give them a competitive edge, positioning them as an expert in their field.

From estate planning to DUI, to criminal defense, auto accidents, IP law and more, there have been scores of professionals utilizing this valuable service to gain their edge in the markets. Merda talks about how many entrepreneurs and business owners, attorneys, doctors, and others, have great ideas they want to share, but due to their incredibly busy schedules, they simply don’t have the time to get it out there. Jacobs & Whitehall’s proprietary Speak-a-Book™ system puts an end to this impediment. Merda and her staff can turn professionals’ spoken knowledge into a book in a few easy steps that fit well with their busy schedules. Merda explains the process to Jacobs, and she provides detailed examples and stories from various clients that come to Jacobs & Whitehall to get their message out there and take the lead in their field. As she states, when books are finished, that book needs to go out to every prospective client that calls in. Hard copies, attachments, whatever you have… it should be going out to the public.

Merda discusses the process in further detail and explains how professionals can target their messages, or provide overall information on their field of expertise. As far as topics, literally anything goes, no matter how specific. Getting your information out there is always helpful. There is, as she says, nothing they cannot tackle. And clients are coming back again and again as they grow and expand.

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