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Richard Jacobs, the principal of Jacobs & Whitehall, an innovative publishing house for respected business and medical professionals, delivers some valuable insight for anyone who is considering publishing a book.

Jacobs & Whitehall has helped many attorneys, dentists, other doctors, and varied professionals to become successful published authors. And publishing helps to attract new clients and/or patients. Jacobs & Whitehall’s proprietary Speak-a-Book™ system takes the stress and massive work out of the authoring process, making it super easy for professionals to speak what they know and turn it into a book that can elevate their status, boost their marketing efforts, and potentially boost income as well.

Jacobs discusses his thoughts on the Speak-a-Book™ process. As Jacobs explains, the Jacobs & Whitehall Speak-a-Book™ process allows publishing to happen in a simpler way, at less cost to the professionals. Attorneys, doctors, dentists, etc. are incredibly busy, and since time is their most precious asset, the Jacobs & Whitehall Speak-a-Book™ process ensures that, from start to finish, it will take less time out of the professional’s day to get it done, get published, and reap the benefits.

Jacobs answers the big questions, such as why publishing is important. He states that government data shows that, in regard to attorneys, there are less cases to be had, but more and more attorneys graduating law school. The math is obvious—and to get that business you need to stand out. Publishing can make you stand out from the competition in a shrinking market. Becoming an author makes you a semi-celebrity. In short, you have more authority, which can bring in more clients. Jacobs goes on to discuss how the process actually works, what the professional needs to do on their end, and how the Jacobs & Whitehall team takes care of everything, every step of the way.

Jacobs talks about some of the ways he has optimized his Speak-a-Book™ process for attorneys and other professionals. The entrepreneur says that the information is verifiable; read up on the amazing power of publishing and see why it works.

Jacobs encourages interested parties to read testimonials and ask around, and they’ll quickly see how the Jacobs & Whitehall Speak-a-Book™ process can be a true winning strategy for professionals.

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