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Fearful of getting a bad review, most attorneys shy away from going after reviews at all. They hide behind a few good ones, and stop there. This is absolutely the wrong approach.

Richard Jacobs tells listeners why this is the wrong approach, and why casting a wide net for potential reviewers is the way to go. He also explains how to do this the right way. It doesn’t have to take years, and it isn’t going to leave you with a higher proportion of negative reviews.

The first step is to accept that everyone—yes, that includes you—will receive negative reviews at one point or another. It is simply unavoidable. The key is in knowing how to drown out the bad so that the good ones shine through.

Tune in to learn more, and visit https://www.speakeasymarketinginc.com/ or https://www.jacobsandwhitehall.com/.

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