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An overwhelming majority of attorneys don’t have a system for attracting referrals. They’re at the whim of whatever their past clients decide to say about them, hoping some good referrals come along, but having no idea whether they actually will.

But there’s a small percentage of attorneys who do things differently. They set up a system that guarantees quality referrals on a regular basis. They’ve learned that taking a few extra steps can mean the difference between continuing to do “okay” financially, and enjoying the most lucrative year in practice yet.

In today’s episode, Richard Jacobs walks you through these steps. He tells you how to build a strong and dependable network of referral partners—people you’ve likely never even considered referrers, but who could hold the key to the clients you’ve been after. The affluent clients who want nothing but the best. The clients every attorney wants but doesn’t know how to get. But it’s not enough to simply build that network: you must know how to keep it alive and churning.

Press play for all the details. Visit https://www.speakeasymarketinginc.com/, call (888) 225-8594, or send us an email at support@speakeasymarketinginc.com.

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