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Adding to your asset list—the one that brings in money on a continuous basis—isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, you’ve already done most of the work. You already know how to author a book in a matter of hours, and how to wring every ounce of value from that book in order to make a few more. You know how to do this without spending much effort, and nonetheless enjoying a huge push for your practice and reputation.

The next step takes even less of your time and leaves you with an online multimedia platform that reinforces and builds upon your online presence of authority. It’s simple: we create a satellite web page for each of your books. In other words, we repurpose the book’s content for use in videos, podcasts, online articles, blog posts, and more.

With no additional effort on your part, you can enjoy the benefit of multiple websites and an undeniably authoritative online presence. And of course, this will attract those high-quality leads that every attorney is after.

That’s not all: Your satellite websites will be separate from your main website, which means they won’t negatively impact your main site’s SEO rankings. They’ll only showcase your expertise in your legal niche, and set you further apart from your competitors. Ready to get started?

Press play for all the details. Contact us at (888) 225-8594, via email at support@speakeasymarketinginc.com, or by visiting https://www.jacobsandwhitehall.com/.

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