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What does it mean to position yourself well and assert your authority in your niche practice area? Ultimately, it means attracting the clients you need: the ones who are looking for the best attorney rather than the cheapest, the ones who have a lot at stake, the ones who will respect your authority and not sabotage their own case.

In any practice area—whether it’s criminal defense, family law, personal injury, immigration, business law, you name it—you have the power to set yourself apart by capitalizing on your specialty within it. Federal cases, LGBTQ family law matters, catastrophic injury, special needs trusts, high net-worth divorces…wherever your expertise lies, you just need to extract it and make it known to the types of clients you want to attract.

What’s the first step? Richard Jacobs says it’s to take inventory of the types of clients you’ve represented over the past couple of years, and determine what types of clients you want to attract. Which factors are more likely than not to provide you with good clients, and allow your practice to expand to its full potential?

Once that’s been determined, the majority of your work will be done. The next step is to make a targeted appeal to your ideal client, and this is where the Speak-a-BookTM method comes into play. A 30-minute initial strategy session with our team will leave you with a robust outline of your book, in which every word will highlight why you are different from other attorneys in your field, and what you can offer to clients that others simply cannot.

After that, you’ll only need to spend an hour or two more of your time, while we work behind the scenes to bring you a polished, final draft of your Speak-a-BookTM. When you’re ready to get started, contact Jacobs & Whitehall at (888) 570-7338 and visit https://www.jacobsandwhitehall.com/attorneys/.

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