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In today’s podcast episode, Tracy Merda and legal marketing expert Richard Jacobs reveal ten specific positioning tactics that Jacob & Whitehall’s most successful clients use to differentiate their firms, and themselves, from the hordes of other attorneys out there.

Each of these ten tactics gives them an instant, “unfair”, and 100% ethical advantage over competing law firms and solos. Especially desperate juniors who cut fees to the bone.


By giving potentials a compelling reason to call their firm first, come into their office for a case review, and, ultimately, retain them — often before competitors get so much as a sniff at their case, let alone a chance to “out-bid” them.

On their own, each of these techniques helps to differentiate your practice in a way that is meaningful to potentials. Combine a few of these, though, and you have an authority platform that is practically unassailable.

Hit the play button above (or below) to discover what they are.

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