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How Does “Speaking” a Book Work?

Interested in writing a book but don’t have the time? Our Speak-a-Book service helps attorneys author a book in as little as 2-3 hours. Request a complimentary sample book and info pack.


In many ways, “speaking” a book is like mining a diamond.

You see, we don’t just accept any attorney into our Speak-a-Book program. The attorneys we select are experienced attorneys. Professionals who have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

I’m talking about the kind of lawyer who has fought many battles over the course of their career. They kind of litigator or counsel who has had plenty of time to reflect on what they do, who they do it for, and why they do it — who, over the years, has formed their own distinct “philosophy of law”.

Does this describe you?

If so, you probably feel that you have a book inside your head. And it’s a book that has been slowly forming over several decades of diligent practice.

Am I right?

This book, though, is raw and disorganized.

Like a diamond in the rough.

The content is there, somewhere — just waiting to be mined from your thoughts and put down to paper, so it can be cut into shape, polished, and transformed into something you would be proud to show off to others.

If you had the time, you might take a month or two away from paid work, hide out in a cabin somewhere, and write your memoir in front of a log fire.

But you don’t.

So your ideas stay locked away inside your head. All that knowledge, experience, and wisdom — it remains a diamond in the rough.

What you need is a faster, easier, and more efficient way to get that content down on paper. A realistic way for a practicing attorney like you, whose time is far too valuable to spend writing, to transform it into a polished book.

Enter the Speak-a-Book method.

It’s a novel, unique, and proprietary way to mine solid content and valuable content from the heads of practising attorneys and polish it into a book — a book that looks professional, is published, has a registered ISBN and Library of Congress catalog number, and is on Amazon and in Barnes & Noble.

How do we do it?

Through the power of careful questioning.

You already understand the power of questions, I dare say, probably better than I do. You’ve seen how questions can make or break a case in court.

A smart, nuanced question can pull the right story from a witness and, in just a few minutes, leave the jury with no doubt about your client’s innocence. Yet, a clumsy or uninspired question can make the same gal look guilty as sin, and leave jurors doubting everything else that comes out her mouth.

That’s why smart attorneys consider their questions carefully.

Our Speak-a-Book method is about using carefully considered questions to “mine” your best content from your thoughts and get them down on paper in a way that is clear, coherent, and compelling to your intended audience.

A master gemcutter can, through many hours of focused work, turn a rough diamond into a piece of brilliance that turns heads and makes people gasp.

Along the same vein (so to speak), we can transform a 90-minute interview transcript into a polished and professional-looking book. Provided the lawyer we’re working with has enough “carats” of raw content in their head. And the reason we can do this is that we ask the right questions in the right order.

That’s how our Speak-a-Book method works.

It took 20-30 years for your book’s content to form in your head. Using this unique process, it takes just 2-3 hours for you to turn it into a book.

It’s so simple, but also so clever.

Interested in authoring a book?

The next step is to apply to our Speak-a-Book program, so we can jump on the phone, run through the terms of our service, and brainstorm book ideas. (We’ll also reserve a provisional spot for you in our project calendar.)

Apply here:


Interested in learning more about our Speak-a-Book service?

Click the link below to request a complimentary information pack. (We’ll also send one or two physical sample books from your practice area.)



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