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How to Deal with Potentials Who Price-Shop or Play You Off

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Nobody likes price-shoppers.

Potentials who try to extract a “deal” from you, or play you off against competitors, or low-ball you with some “guide price” they found online.

If you let them, price-shoppers will hammer your fees to the ground — almost to the point where you’re barely earning a dime for taking on their case.

Here’s the thing, though:

This is what a lot of potentials do. It’s in their nature.

They’ve been trained — by Avvo, Google, Facebook, and other online platforms — to compare “vendors” side by side and price-shop for a deal.

Just as a tiger cannot change its stripes, there is nothing you or I can do to stop middle-class potentials from trying to play you off against competitors.

Since we can’t change them, we might as well join them.


Imagine the next time you’re sitting across the desk from one of these potentials. You just told her how much she would need to pay to retain your services and have you represent her — after patiently listening to her life story for the last 30 minutes, and offering valuable insight on the house.

Predictably, rather than saying, “Thank you”, she says:

“Oh… $3,000?!… that’s more expensive than I was expecting to pay. That other law firm across the road, Schmoe and Doe LLP, they said they can take on my case for $2,000. Can you match their price?”

Now, instead of trying to argue with her, or worse, plead, say this instead:

“That’s a great price.”

“And if getting a good deal on this and saving money on legal fees is the most important thing for you right now, then I’d advise you to go with them.”

“However, here’s something to consider…”

(Pause for effect.)

“I specialize in cases just like yours. In fact, I literally wrote the book on [people like your ideal client] who [legal problem they face].”

“That’s why my fee is $3,000.”

“If you work with Schmoe and Doe LLP across the road, you’ll save money. However, if you retain my firm, you will have the attorney who literally wrote the book on cases like yours representing you and fighting your corner.”

“What’s most important to you?”

“Saving money, or hiring a lawyer who specializes in your situation?

“You don’t have to answer that now. Take a copy of my book. It’s a gift from us. Read it over. In a few days, if I still have space my schedule to represent you, a member of my staff will call you and see if you want to go ahead.”

“How does that sound?”

* * *

THAT is how you deal with price-shoppers.

You hang them with their own rope, so to speak — rather than dignify their cheapskate mentality by arguing or pleading with them to change their mind.

Just tell them how it is.

You’re the only attorney in town who literally wrote the book on cases just like theirs. You are *the* respected authority for people with their unique needs.

If they want to retain you, they’ll need to pay a premium.

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