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How a PA Lawyer 5x-ed His Speak-a-Book Investment in a Few Months

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Brian Manchester is a criminal defense lawyer.

It’s a ruthlessly competitive practice area (aren’t they all these days!), especially out in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, where he practices.

In fact, I have it on good authority from another attorney who reads this newsletter that there’s a lot of corruption in this practice area. Bail bondsmen literally take envelopes of cash at the back of dingy strip clubs in return for “aggressive referrals” (where they insist a client hires their paymaster).

Of course, not all bail bondsmen seek or even accept kickbacks. Some are ethical professionals who genuinely want the best for their clients.

And our man Mr. Manchester can attest to that.

Like most attorneys who apply to our Speak-a-Book program, he needed a new way to differentiate himself from competitors and land more cases.

So, he decided to author a book about Pennsylvania bail law.

When the book was finished, and we got it published on Amazon.com and stocked in Barnes & Noble, we sent Brian a crate full of printed copies which he proceeded to hand out to new bail bondsmen whose paths he crossed.

Some of them (probably the corrupt ones) he never heard from again.

But many of these bail bondsmen called him back and requested extra copies for them to hand out to their own clients. There’s “getting a referral”, and then there’s “getting a referral from someone who had to wait around in jail for a few hours or more and had nothing better to do than devour your book.”

After just a few months, Brian’s book had made him $25,000.

That’s a five-times return on his investment.

It gets even better, though:

One of these bail bondsmen was so impressed by Brian’s book, and the quality of practical information it contained, that he pulled a few strings and “landed me a speaking gig before a national bail bond organization”.

As Brian put it in his message to us:

“I made national contacts and have even more authority.”


In my humble opinion, that’s the real value of speaking at this kind of level. Yes, it often does lead to direct business. However, the real gold is in what it does to your authority and positioning — when every potential who finds your website sees a video of you standing on a stage and schooling a national professional association on the very legal problem they have right now.

It’s hard to put a dollar amount on that kind of pre-eminence.

However, I’d say it easily dwarves the $25,000 in direct retainer fees that Brian’s new book earned him before it had even cooled from the press.

Remember, although Brian’s book is 100% his own words and ideas, he didn’t have to actually write the book. He used our Speak-a-Book method to get all the content down on paper in just 2-3 hours on the phone with me.

Not a bad return for one morning of easy work, right?

If you would like to see a real-life (i.e. physical) copy of Brian’s book, and learn more about our Speak-a-Book program, click the link below to request a complimentary information pack. We’ll mail it out to your office for free.

» Speak-a-Book — Request a Complimentary Info Pack

Interested in authoring a book?

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Interested in learning more about our Speak-a-Book service?

Click the link below to request a complimentary information pack. (We’ll also send one or two physical sample books from your practice area.)



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