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Andrew Yang and Charlie Dent on the future of Americas political parties

So that’s where we are 62% of Americans want an alternative. Duopoly wants to keep it from happening and what will happen next, it’s going to be up to you, the people who are attending this today, the future of democracy rests upon you, your generation, and Americans around the country to wake up and say this is not going to work. And Charlie, having served in the state legislature has a sense of it. It a ballot initiative is not an easy thing either, though, I best bitcoin wallets in 2021 do want to point out again, that one state, Alaska did this last year, just a bunch of Alaskans got together and said, the current system is not working, let’s change it. In 24 states around the country that do have ballot initiatives, in a non valid initiative state like Pennsylvania, the state legislators will need to decide to make this change. So it’s tough in, in an environment where you need the state legislators to make this kind of move, not impossible.

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Citizens would receive this payment regardless of their employment status or level of income. Please update your billing details here to continue enjoying your access to the most informative and considered journalism in the UK. Yang’s campaign managers defended his comments, but focused only on the subject of gay bars. Multiple participants described Yang’s remarks as offensive, saying that members of the club who raised policy issues found his mention of gay bars off-putting.

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And if we can’t get that done, then I think we’re going to see the negative consequences pretty quickly. So if you want to be apprised of the stuff that I’m working on, you go to Ford party comm join the mailing list, we should have the ballot initiative states identified sometime, next two to three months. And then so the timeline for a ballot initiative is that you would need to know about it about a year in advance. And then there’s a period when you have to try and gather signatures. So you have to try and ask everyone to help us get to get signatures. And then you have to try and get on the ballot.

I loved going to the library and reading biographies of Indian Chiefs. He also intrigued disgruntled Trump supporters as much as millennial progressives, because he talked eloquently about post-industrial problems and the hollowing out of Western economies. Yeah, in my opinion, Charlie, the Republican Party should be moderate Republicans against Republican slash Trumpers. And the Democratic Party should be progressives and Democrats, there should probably be a party somewhere in the middle. And then if you had that, it would be much more sane, because you know, dozens of your former colleagues would be going along with the Trump line.

  • So I understand the challenge 100%, I have a read on what I can do to try and make it more interesting.
  • “We are seeing that in the third and fourth quarters there is a significant slowdown and we may find ourselves with growth rates close to zero,” de Guindos told a conference.
  • So we have we have questions piling up here in the q&a, there’s there’s lots of folks have been waiting a very long time for the McCourtney Institute to do an event where we talk about things like open primaries and rank choice voting.
  • So I think one other thing I would add to that our our founders, Andrew pointed out, didn’t anticipate political parties.

I mean, that was I was on CNN that day, but it was was the best ratings day in history. No, because no, but it was their best ratings day in history. They told me later, but just being on and just feeling so emotional about the whole thing.

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And it just, it looked the stabilizing. And no, but that was not the American thing. That’s one reason why people want to come here. But, but we wake up call that we got on January the cryptocurrency market monthly review 6, that, you know, maybe that that that normal, orderly processes, fragile and might not be the shore thing we always thought it was. And so I don’t know, I don’t have an answer.

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You know, I got involved with a group too, that feels the same way they want to, like, but I’m not in the position where I want a new party I do because I just don’t think new parties work. But I do feel like that the party shouldn’t take their members for granted. All and just assume a blind loyalty was added.

And when you do, that’s, that’s, that’s healthy, what executive authority to be so strong. And so so they created this system of separation of powers. But when they did that, and it probably unwittingly, but they made it more difficult, I think, to create multiple parties. We found 1 episode of Eat Drink Smoke with the tag “democratic presidential candidate andrew yang”. Well, I, I want to be I always want to be optimistic. And you know, I’ve always felt Americans are pretty bad.

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Alaska made this change just last year, and you saw relatively immediate results where Senator Lisa Murkowski is the only Republican senator who voted to impeach Trump this year, and is also up for reelection in 2022. Her approval rating among Alaskan Republicans is now 6%. But because they shifted from party primaries to open primaries last year, she has a fighting chance to get reelected. I’ll probably go to Alaska to campaign for her.

  • But the same arguments lead to a matching proposal for sovereign money, ie debt-free government money issued up to the level of full potential output GDP, which can fund UBI and other social welfare programs.
  • Now, in Forward, Yang reveals that UBI and the threat of job automation are only the beginning, diagnosing how a series of cascading problems within our antiquated systems keeps us stuck in the past-imperilling our democracy at every level.
  • You know, and we’re where you know, Pennsylvania, right?

Essentially, Yang hopes to avoid creating future issues similar to the automation problem that is driving his campaign. But the same arguments lead to a matching proposal for sovereign money, ie debt-free government money issued up to the level of full potential output GDP, which can fund UBI and other social welfare programs. It’s a preferable solution to increased taxation, which would have the further effect of reducing aggregate demand.

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And if that seems hyperbolic, 42% of Americans on either side of the aisle now regard the other side as evil or their mortal enemies much higher than any time in the past, Charlie has been in public service long enough to know that it wasn’t always like this. The two parties used to actually get together and do things occasionally, they didn’t regard each other as evil certainly in person. And we need a new chapter in American democracy that enables different points of view to actually emerge, which by the way, right now, the duopoly is designed to suppress at every turn.

The KPIs would be compared against a “sunset period”, a time during which the law isn’t in place. This will allow Congress to determine whether the nation is better off with or without it. The Department of the Attention Economy will be in charge of regulating social media platforms that have a large societal influence. Yang won’t spend his time in the White House trying to curb the rise of technology. Should he make it to the White House in 2020, Yang believes that he can change the lives of disadvantaged people in the country. Yet polling has Yang in a comfortable lead ahead of June’s Democratic primary, which will decide who replaces Bill de Blasio in Gracie Mansion, the mayoral residence.

  • Yang won’t spend his time in the White House trying to curb the rise of technology.
  • Likewise, travel-related deaths would decrease, helping Yang to meet his “put humanity first” goals.
  • If you’re not with my team, you know, you’re You’re a traitor.
  • It’s going to improve things and the rest of it.

I just, I just couldn’t imagine that these people were able to forcibly enter the Capitol. And no, go around and destroy property and fight with the police and, you know, try to actually disrupt the transfer of power. I thought this is just, it is almost surreal. I mean, I just couldn’t believe I almost couldn’t believe what I was watching at that day.

I said the other night to people that the animating emotion around elections today is fear. And it’s impossible to be afraid all of the time forever. Like, eventually you’re like, oh, you know, let me just freaking you know, watch a movie or hang out or do something.

Well, this is where I agree with Andrew, that the incentives are misaligned in our system right now. And that’s how they survive and not get outflanked. And so they end up being either taking harder positions or getting co opted by more and more extreme elements within their parties. And they so they tack hard to their basis. Now that I was like pulling out I was one of the few folks xapo launches bitcoin debit card who came from what would be considered a marginal district, a swing district, a bellwether district, call it what you will. If I it simply engaged in what many members of Congress do currently, which is simply pander to a base, or in this case, just the Republican base, and just focus exclusively on that, I probably get 43 44% of the vote, where I come from, we call that losing.

You know, if you know, you know, I can still deviate that. This week, we broadcast a recording from a virtual event with Andrew Yang and Charlie Dent on political parties and democracy reform. We discuss open primaries, ranked-choice voting, universal voting, and more. In California, they have something called I always thought they call that with a jumble primary.

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