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Your Call Back Request Has Been Received.

Tracy Merda
Senior Project Manager
Jacobs & Whitehall Publishing

Thanks, .

We’ve received your call back request, and you can expect to receive a call from my colleague,
Dennis Meador, on Thursday January 1st in the .

Click one of the buttons below to add it to your calendar.
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NOTE: For your convenience, you will receive an email in a few minutes with all the information on
this page. So, don’t worry about saving it or writing any of this down. :-)

If something comes up and you can no longer make this call, please email Dennis and he’ll help you reschedule. His email is: dennis@jacobsandwhitehall.com.

What Next?

During this friendly and relaxed 15- to 30-minute call, Dennis is going to answer your questions, talk
you through the terms and conditions of this program, and really make sure our Speak-a-Book
service is right for you and your firm.

Provided we still have a spot left in our project calendar over the next few months, Dennis will offer
you a place, take payment, and schedule your Discovery Consultation with me.

This Discovery Consultation call is the first step of our Speak-a-Book service.

(You can read more about the full process over here.)

I’m really looking forward to meeting you soon, and working with you on this.

Over the last year alone, I’ve helped (the last time we counted) 68 attorneys get their book written
and become published authors on Amazon.com and in Barnes & Noble.

Now it’s your turn!


If you already know that our Speak-a-Book service is right for you, and you would like to lock in your book project RIGHT NOW, you can do that by clicking the button below.

$500 Refundable Deposit

You don’t need to pay the whole project fee right now. Just a $500 refundable deposit.

Dennis will still call you. And you’ll still be able to
“pull out” if, after speaking with him, you decide
our service isn’t right for you.

However, we will reserve a spot for you in our
Speak-a-Book project calendar immediately.

$500 Refundable Deposit
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