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Success Story: An Amazing Journey to Sobriety

According to the documentary, DUI arrests of women have increased by 30% over the last ten years. Binge drinking by women is also on the rise. However, if you were to query a woman’s family or friends about her habits, many would not even know she has a problem. That’s because women are more likely to drink alone and keep it hidden. This treatment is like a miracle to me as a person, there is a clear difference in my life and as a person. My name is Chris and I am a patient of the BioCorRx Program. I am a Fire Captain in Southern California. I was in desperate need of a change in my life.

Why am I drunk the next day?

A lot of people have done this and, much to their shock, they discover they're still drunk the next morning. That's because they didn't allow their body enough time to process the alcohol. Just to give you a rough idea, the average person takes approximately two hours to process one drink.

At 13, Coley started “using speed and helping sell meth.” By 19, he was in prison. But, it was when Coley’s mom OD’d and died that his life really spiraled. “If there’s beer in the house, she’ll drink it,” her son Keola explained. “As long as there’s beer in the house, she’ll keep going.” Penny-Lee’s alcoholism caused intense distress to her family as they watched her self-destruct. “The doctors told her if she keeps drinking, she’s going to kill herself,” her sister admitted. During an emotionally charged intervention, Keola laid it on the line. John Golden’s story was featured in Season 2 of “Intervention.” He was a chronic alcoholic and crack cocaine addict. “All John can see is the loss in his life,” the episode summary reads. “His mother died when he was 12. Recently, he lost his sister, cousin, and best friend.” In addition, his ex-girlfriend had miscarried their baby when he was in his 20s. Several of our alumni have willingly opened up to share theirs with you.

Skipping into Sobriety

Again, in med school, I sought out and found friends who partied just like me. I am a former law enforcement officer and went through a lot of really heavy stuff, and I turned to to alcohol to escape all my issues. I really just shut down and used alcohol to cope with pretty much everything in life after awhile. I went through two inpatient programs and an intensive outpatient but they just didn’t seem to stick. I was ok for awhile and then it was just too easy to go back to my old self. He understood in a way nobody really had before about alcoholism, at least for me. I got the procedure with the implant not too long after and it really was something else in giving me a freedom from that devil that controlled me for so long. It was weird not even really wanting to drink. I can’t ever say never but I can tell anybody who will listen that this program has given me a new life. It may not be for everybody but it damn sure has been the game changer for me and my family.
sober success stories
I managed to crawl in the dark to huddle over the commode. I rationalized that the vomiting might be due to food poisoning. By the morning, I was severely dehydrated and could barely stand. I called in sick, the first time ever in my life. The second night, I began to have diarrhea with old, digested blood in it.

Recovery Helps Ohio Woman Escape Addiction & Prostitution

“It’s not as hard as it used to be.” Felix was also madly in love — with his girlfriend, Margot. “My true self was letting someone love me,” he revealed. “Trusting someone.” When asked about their future plans, the couple announced they hoped to “have a baby next year.” Felix continues to maintain his sobriety. Adam’s heroin addiction was destroying his family, as well as him. “I’ve had a lot of success as an actor. A lot,” he shared. “I was on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ ‘Home Improvement.’ I’ve made a lot of money.”
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I got my first treatment and it worked and was unbelievable. I am writing this letter to all the thousands of people struggling with what I struggled with – the ever damaging alcohol. I went to look for help and discovered the Naltrexone implant about 3 months ago. I immediately came to Dr. Kirsten and had the Naltrexone implant, since then everything has drastically changed, my craving went away and my life started making sense again. I used to always fight with everyone and now decisions are easier as I see life out of a different perspective. I would recommend this implant to everybody. Alcohol isn’t the solution to a problem, it is the problem. I did not believe that anyone or anything could save my life from Heroin addiction.

The Biggest Celebrity Sobriety Turnarounds: Addiction Success Stories

The therapeutic journey of confronting the adverse childhood experiences that permeated his daily life helped him to reduce their significance in his mind. That way, these ACEs no longer pervaded his negative thought patterns. I don’t think I even really liked drinking — it just seemed to make things a lot easier. And it seemed to make things more fun for awhile. Now when people ask, I tell them that it just doesn’t suit me… It sober success stories doesn’t do anything for my spiritual state, my mental state, or my creative state. It takes from that and I don’t want to play with fire. I am now a very grateful recovering alcoholic. I am grateful to have a program I can use to help me grow through life’s challenges. I no longer regret being an alcoholic since it is through my alcoholism that I have been able to grow and integrate a wonderful set of principles into my life.
sober success stories
I have tried to stop several times, and have been sober for short spurts, but then I fell right back into my old habits. About a month ago I got serious because I knew my addiction was bigger than my willpower. I’ve been feeling great, like I was gaining control of my life, but today though … today is such a tough day for me. I have a new energy for life and my whole mood is much much better. I love how the Start Fresh Recovery program covers everything. The Start Fresh Recovery program helps the addict, but also helps loved ones as well.

Mike D🥳 2 Years Sober 🤯

Please i ask of anyone with a drug problem to do yourself a favour and get the naltrexone implant, i promise you it will save and change your life and you will never look back. There’s alot to life, life is a blessing treasure it and good luck to all of you out there. I am Chris Breitenbach.I had a seriously big problem with heroin addiction for 8 years. Then I heard ofDr Gerhard Kirsten and his implant.

I do not remember ever experiencing feelings as I do today. I recollect, even as a preteen, prior to my drinking career, not being able to feel sorrow at my Grandmother’s funeral, forcing myself to cry just to fit in with the family. I was, as an adult, still unable to have or express feelings with my wife, leading to a very distant relationship lacking emotional intimacy. I am the third of four sons, each about two years apart. We grew up in a small town in Eastern Massachusetts where, on our mile-long street, we only had a few neighbors. I always wanted to hang out with my two older brothers, as there were few kids my own age in the area. I remember at one of these forts, at the age of ten, finally feeling like I belonged because someone gave me a cigarette to smoke, or more accurately, choke on. But at least they treated me like one of the guys. As my older brothers went off to high school, I again felt isolated and alone.

The truth is – I’m not really interested in having a relationship with anyone right now. I have so much else to focus on and so much more to do. This is HUGE for me – putting myself out here! One thing you need to know is that I’m a secret addict. My husband knows, my mom knows and my dealer knows. Lipstick & Liquor is a documentary film that explores the growing number of suburban women who become alcohol dependent. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism part of the U.S. The BioCorRx® Recovery Program, in compliance with NIAAA and HHS guidelines, has expanded on this cutting-edge concept. Please help me and other veterans to achieve sobriety through the igotsober Recovery Program. He is more than just a therapist or a doctor.

I was very fearful of beginning a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, I met a girl from back home with whom I began a relationship during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. She was being raised in an old world male-dominated society. We would see each other for vacation breaks and long weekends.

I methodically went through each task and it suddenly hit me—I hadn’t thought once about drinking. It was surreal…I had no inclination to drink whatsoever and haven’t since. The procedure was painless and only took about a half an hour. It started working within the first few hours of having it done. When I arrived home, my wife asked how I was feeling. I could not believe that I had zero cravings for a drink. I thought that it was a fluke; it couldn’t be that easy. I moved back home from school because the ability to concentrate and even more so, the passion had completely left. It was time to move home and be close to my family.

Women in AA are saying, ‘You’re strong enough to move out.’ And I’m saying, ‘I don’t know if I can.’ When I left my parents’ house, I got married. John claims he is fortunate to be still alive. He says he experienced several cocaine overdoses, and he would ‘turn blue’ from epileptic seizures caused by his sober success stories heavy cocaine use. Another explanation is that celebrities are often shielded from life’s stress and this prevents them from maturing. This may be particularly true for ‘child stars’. This over-protection of child stars mean they may fail to develop the necessary skills needed to cope with adulthood.

  • It started working within the first few hours of having it done.
  • “I’ve seen my dad slowly die over the past couple of years; you just kind of deal with it,” his son admitted.
  • Because I would start something, get taken over by the disease, and then abandon it.

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