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YES! Hold a provisional spot for me in the Speak-a-Book project calendar. I’m interested in authoring a book, and I want to lock in my place NOW while I wait for my discovery consultation. (I understand that if I decide not to go ahead and get my book written, the $500 deposit will be refunded in full.)
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“The staff was very easy to work with. I highly recommend the Speak A Book process to any attorney who wishes to give his potential clients a better understanding of the legal process.I give a copy of my book to every person who consults with me on their recent pending charges."

– Ronnie M. Cole, Esq., Anderson, SC
(Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyer)

“It’s great having a book to pass out and a book on Amazon! There is nothing like telling people you have a book on Amazon! Plus handing out books when you give a seminar is great too.”

– John B. Palley, Esq., Sacramento, CA
(Probate Attorney)