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Future-Oriented Innovations

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Whether you’re responding to seismic shifts within your industry or trying to adopt a more long-term approach, changing your company’s future orientation can bring significant advantages. Research has proven that companies that have a strong outlook on the future are more productive and innovating. To become more futuristic you can motivate managers and employees to design and implement new strategies and procedures that help the organization prepare for the future and adapt to the latest trends.

The development of forward-looking innovations requires a method of dialog to analyze business opportunities and potential obstacles. This can be accomplished using a framework of futures literacy which includes knowledge of futures and awareness as well as the capability to make decisions about the future. Futures literacy is the capacity of a person or organization to identify futures, construct them, and articulate them. It is based on the understanding that articulating and creating futures is multidisciplinary, and involves various domains, spheres and stakeholders. Futures awareness is the ability to recognize the possibility of future possibilities and is dependent on an individual’s awareness of their own perception of the world around them.

In order to achieve forward-looking innovation, it’s imperative to create products and services that can improve the lives of people. These improvements are the result of collaboration between a variety of high-tech process stakeholders. They require a complex assessment of current problems and possible alternatives. This kind of innovation requires a complete epistemic understanding and the ability to listen to suggestions from the long term future.

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