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Dear Attorney,

Do you consider yourself an ambitious, maybe even “aggressive” lawyer?

Here is why I’m asking:

My name is Tracy Merda, the Senior Project Manager at Jacobs & Whitehall Publishing.
And I’m writing to tell you about an exciting and time-limited opportunity to give yourself an
instant, “
unfair, and 100% ethical advantage over other attorneys and law firms.

An advantage that can help you:

… as well as other “intangible” benefits, like:

I’m talking, of course, about our Speak-a-Book program, where we help you…

Author a Book in as Little as 2-3 Hours, and
Publish it on Amazon.com and in Barnes & Noble

It’s the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to author a book.

In fact, for many attorneys – especially those who don’t have the luxury of taking 3-6 months
away from work and giving up income – our Speak-a-Book service is the ONLY ethical way
to author a book.

This unique method allows us to “extract” the wealth of advice, knowledge, and experience
that is locked in your head and transform it all into a 50- to 90-page structured book.

Unlike ghostwriting, this process results in an authentic book that contains nothing
but your own words and ideas.
Yet, from your point of view, it takes about the same
amount of time to author as it takes to watch Star Wars. Just 2-3 hours of easy work.

Here are the five steps of the process:

It is possible for the entire Speak-a-Book process to be completed in as little as 30 days.
This means, if you pull the trigger on this TODAY, you could have your new book in your
hands in just a few short weeks. A book you can use to instantly differentiate yourself and
your firm, elevate your positioning, attract more of the cases you want, command higher
fees, and, ultimately, run a thriving law practice.

The following deliverables are part of the standard Speak-a-Book package:


Tracy Merda is the Senior Project Manager of Jacobs & Whitehall Publishing, a publishing house that helps respected professionals who are too busy to write a book the “traditional” way author their own book, ethically, in just 2-3 hours using a proprietary interview method. Since 2018, Tracy has helped 70+ attorneys, dentists, physicians, consultants, engineers, and other professionals become published authors.

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