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How to Attract, Qualify, and Land
More of the Cases You Want in 7 Steps

Complimentary Guide & Action Plan

Request a complimentary copy of The Authority Snowball: How to
Attract, Qualify, and Land More of the Cases You Want in 7 Steps.

Inside this guide and action plan:

  • Is it still possible to attract a dependable flow of new cases every
    month, even when larger firms spend $70k+ each month on TV ads?
    (HINT: The answer is yes, if you follow these 7 steps faithfully)
  • How to create a “lead magnet” (in just 2-3 hours) that calls out to your
    ideal clients like a dog whistle, simultaneously attracting and qualifying
    them – so you only deal with viable cases that fit your strict criteria
  • 54 legal directories that put your lead magnet in front of qualified
    clients (for FREE) – and help you get it on the first page of Google
  • How to MULTIPLY your stream of new qualified cases, by cultivating a
    network of media contacts and professional referral partners
  • How to build a “gumball” machine that lets you BUY new cases on
    demand (at an acceptable price) – so you have a dependable safety
    net that will keep your phone ringing during any dry months
  • And more…

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The Authority Snowball
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