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Most Powerful Patient Outreach Tool?

Over the last few days, we’ve been talking a lot about the benefits that come from being one of the only dentists in your town who is a published author. It’s the ultimate business card. You… Read More

Dentists Who Have “Content Envy”

A while back, I was having an conversation with a dentist client of ours, about a phenomenon that’s becoming more and more common in the profession. Let’s call it “content envy”. You see, most dentists have… Read More

How To Attract New Patients With Dignity

Question for you: If I were to tell you that I have a FREE resource that outlines 15 specific patient outreach strategies – strategies that many dentists don’t know about, that could give you an edge… Read More

Why You NEVER Want To Be The Cheapest Dentist

Let’s talk about desperate dentists who cut prices to the bone. Almost every metro has at least one – usually a guy or gal who’s fresh out of dental school – and when they start slashing… Read More

Thinking About Writing A Book?

No anecdote or marketing insight today. I just wanted to tell you about a new (and COMPLIMENTARY) resource that you’ll probably find useful – especially if you’re thinking about writing a book. It’s called the The… Read More

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