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Criminal defense attorney, Julio Laboy, discusses his firm, the kinds of clients they serve, and why he decided to publish his expertise and share it with clients and potential clients. Julio Laboy’s firm, Laboy Law Office, is a boutique criminal defense firm. They handle all major felonies and misdemeanor cases, including DUI.

Attorney Laboy talks about his philosophy and reasons behind why he decided to publish.

Publishing is an amazing tool that can help businesses bring in new clients. Jacobs & Whitehall’s proprietary Speak-a-Book™ system breaks down the process into easy to manage steps, helping busy professionals get a book out into the marketplace that can greatly enhance their reputation and increase business. Laboy states that he is passionate about what they do for their valued clients, and he wanted to provide his clients with a resource that you can pick up and touch, something to inform them about why their case matters, and how he can help.

Even if the potential client simply learns some information, and ends up working with another attorney, Laboy states it’s a good feeling to help others, be they clients or new attorneys. Sharing information is helpful and a worthwhile endeavor. 

Attorney Laboy shares his thoughts on how to go about the process of publishing, for other professionals who may be considering it. Personally, Laboy’s firm has developed strategies for criminal defense work, and he shares this as well as his approach to disaster relief based on his past experience as a disaster relief responder. As he states, when clients come in with a problem, it’s their ‘disaster’ and attorneys are the ‘responders’ that are there to handle the problem. He explains that sharing your passion, sharing your strategies for handling felony cases, etc. can be a great way to educate and inform in a helpful way. Laboy says that if you stay true to what you love, you’ll be able to share valuable information with those who need it. 

Continuing, Laboy talks about his background as a reporter and a writer, before becoming an attorney, and how that has influenced him. But Laboy says that you don’t need to be a skilled writer, or even a writer at all, to have success with the Speak-a-Book™ system, because the process is so simple, and every professional can benefit from it.

With the Speak-a-Book™ system, professionals can speak about what they know and turn that knowledge and information into a book, so they can get a competitive edge in their field. Laboy states that publishing is a way to set yourself apart, to establish yourself as an authority. It can work for you because being an author means something, and clients understand that.

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