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In this insightful, marketing tips podcast, Richard Jacobs, founder, and president of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc. and principal of Jacobs & Whitehall, discusses some positive ways business owners can deal with the current coronavirus situation.

As a veteran of attorney marketing, Richard Jacobs has valuable information for every law firm, big or small, and he and his team at Speakeasy have helped hundreds of attorneys grow their businesses. This podcast delves into some new ideas Jacobs wants to share about closing clients in the current situation. How can you do that? Jacobs states many attorneys feel that they are good at closing clients when they’re in the office. But how can you close clients when most people don’t want to come into your office due to coronavirus?

Jacobs states that you simply must create that in-person feeling in another way, so that means good phone communication of course, but also video chat, screen sharing, document sharing online, etc. Clients need to hear you, and see you, AND interact with you. The current coronavirus situation will undoubtedly get better at some point, but it will have created a shift in business and some people will continue to prefer online and other means of communicating as opposed to coming into your office, so you must be prepared to adapt.

As there will always be a ‘no-show’ rate to contend with, even in normal times, you must do everything in your power to increase contact and grow your business. Jacobs states that all the aforementioned methods are critical, but in addition, utilizing Jacobs & Whitehall’s Speak-a-Book™ system, which simplifies the process of getting a book out into the marketplace, will give you a competitive edge because through it you become an author, an authority in your field. In these times, your authority is even more important. By being an author you will stand out. You can email your potential clients with excerpts from your book that are specific to them and their cases. You can even send the whole book to potential bigger dollar clients; it’s impressive and really makes a statement that you are an authority in your field.

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