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Richard Jacobs, the successful entrepreneur, and principal of Jacobs & Whitehall, a one-stop-shop publishing house for business and medical leaders and innovators, delivers some valuable insight for anyone who is considering publishing a book.

Jacobs & Whitehall is a unique publishing company that has assisted countless attorneys, doctors (general practice, specialty, dentists, etc.), and many other types of serious professionals to launch their books and achieve the respected title of ‘published author.’ Jacobs & Whitehall’s customized Speak-a-Book™ system makes it extremely easy for professionals to just speak what they know and turn that knowledge into a book which can quickly boost their marketing outreach, and potentially boost profits too!

Jacobs recounts some experiences from his early career, just starting out as a young engineer for Motorola. He discusses a conversation he had about genetic engineering, engineering a child’s intelligence, eye color, etc., and the thoughts he and his coworker had—that this type of engineering would, in the future, become not only an option, or series of options, but an actual requirement. He transfers this information/scenario onto the legal marketing field, considering that the future would and will bring baseline requirements that all attorneys will need to possess in order to simply be ‘in the game’ so to speak, to attract clients and get business. Jacobs goes on to discuss how these baseline competitive tactics will be required to even stay relevant, and one of those tactics will be publishing. 

Few attorneys are taking advantage of publishing, getting their ideas out there in a book form. It is a secret weapon that attorneys can use to elevate their status and get more clients—better clients.

The possibilities are endless—www.jacobsandwhitehall.com

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