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Richard Jacobs, principal of Jacobs & Whitehall, delivers some helpful insight for anyone who is considering publishing a book.

Jacobs & Whitehall is a successful publishing house for respected professionals. They assist attorneys, dentists, and other professionals, to become published authors, in an effort to help them attract more clients and/or patients. Jacobs & Whitehall’s innovative proprietary Speak-a-Book™ method makes authoring a book easy, and fun.

Jacobs discusses his thoughts on a few of the challenges authors face as they prepare to complete their books and send them off to publishing. Jacobs shares a few stories about writing and publishing, with specific attention to an impactful email he received from a celebrated doctor who was going through some mixed emotions as he neared completion of his book. The doctor shared his frustrations as he neared completion, discussing his desire to quit, and never publish at all due to fear—fear that the book would not live up to his expectations, fear that trolls would try to tear it down, etc. But as he worked more, and reflected on all the things he is grateful for, he was able to get through the temporary roadblock and make it to the finish line.

Jacobs relates the doctor’s experience to attorneys who may be considering publishing or could be in the midst of publishing right now. As Jacobs states, you have to push through the anxieties, and dismiss the worries about perfectionism, trolls, and excessive expectations. If you don’t publish you’ll be missing out on so many opportunities, but once you do publish, you’ll get great feedback and be glad you did.

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