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In this podcast, Richard Jacobs invigorates business owners by offering a specific means of action. The current atmosphere lends itself to mindless waiting, which is never the right mode for a business. Set to gamble by way of slot mascin gratis online. Richard shares a realization regarding his own business activity and how he made a move toward tackling what he could control. Ultimately, he says, there’s nothing more powerful for a business than controlling your own media.

He describes ways he’s done that and how our speak-a-book package can be your means to that end. Even better, he tells listeners that Jacobs and Whitehall Publishing is offering a unique promotion this month called our Rise Promo. We’ve added a stellar media element to the speak-a-book package that ensures your book will be highlighted in multiple ways by the media.

So listen in for more details and to get a jolt of energy to help improve your business.

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