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“Finish 2023 a Published Author, Elevate Your Authority Positioning, and Command Higher Fees”

Who would you rather show up in your office for a case review or consultation? Someone who wants to hire “an attorney”… or someone who read your book and has already made up their mind they want to hire you, and only you? This difference is the definition of authority positioning. Make it your advantage. Get a book published.

Executive Summary:

  • Speak-a-Book allows you to author a book ethically, and in the most efficient way possible – by leveraging your mastery of the spoken word.
  • Requires only 2-3 hours of your time.
  • The end result is an official, professionally published book that is 100% your own words and intellectual work. (It has an ISBN, can be assigned a Library of Congress Catalog Number, and listed in major book retailers.)
  • Special Package: If you are one of the first 15 attorneys to apply and be accepted into our circle of attorney authors, you will save $1,000 off the project fee and get a complimentary audio book and podcast series.
  • Offer closes Tuesday October 31, 2023 @ Midnight Eastern.

Dear Attorney,

Do you consider yourself an ambitious, maybe even “aggressive” lawyer?

Here is why I’m asking:

My name is Richard Jacobs, president of Speakeasy Marketing, author of Secrets of Attorney Marketing Law School Dares Not Teach, and, according to some, America’s number-one authority on marketing for ambitious and respected attorneys. I’m writing to tell you about an exciting and time-limited opportunity to give yourself an instant, significant, and 100% ethical advantage over other attorneys and firms.

An advantage that can help you:

  • Land more of your favorite or most lucrative cases
  • Differentiate yourself and your law firm from competitors
  • Attract more potentials from Avvo, FindLaw, and 52 other top legal directories
  • Dramatically reduce no-shows, flakes, and ghosts ( without chasing)
  • Eliminate price resistance and price-shopping behavior
  • Command the kind of fees your experience deserves
  • Position yourself as a respected authority (and not “just” a practitioner of law)
  • Jump to the front of the line for referrals from peers and other attorneys
  • Get you and your firm featured in the media (for free)
  • Publish more content than your competitors (without writing a single word)
  • Dominate the Google search results for your metro/practice area

… as well as other “intangible” benefits, like:

  • See folks’ jaws drop when they ask you for a business card
  • Offer pro bono help (through your book), without having to take on more work
  • Tell your story and leave a legacy to the next generation

I’m talking, of course, about our Speak-a-Book program, where we help you…

Author a Book in as Little as 2-3 Hours, and
Publish it on Amazon.com and in Barnes & Noble

It’s the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to author a book.

In fact, for many attorneys – especially those who don’t have the luxury of taking 3-6 months
away from work and giving up income – our Speak-a-Book service is the ONLY ethical way
to author a book.

This unique method allows us to “extract” the wealth of advice, knowledge, and experience
that is locked in your head and transform it all into a 50- to 90-page structured book.

Unlike ghostwriting, this process results in an authentic book that contains nothing
but your own words and ideas.
Yet, from your point of view, it takes about the same
amount of time to author as it takes to watch Star Wars. Just 2-3 hours of easy work.

Here are the five steps of the process:

  • Step 1 Discovery Consultation
    This first call takes about 30 minutes. We will brainstorm ideas, decide on a theme
    and overall structure for your book, and then flesh out the high-level contents of
    each chapter.
  • Step 2 Deep Dive Interview
    This second call is a relaxed 60- to 90-minute interview, where we ask you a series
    of pre-planned questions that have been specifically chosen to “extract” the content
    for your book and get it down on paper (in the form of a transcript) in a way that is
    structured and coherent.
  • Step 3 Draft Manuscript
    While you get on with your life, we will work like dogs to transcribe the call (every
    word of it), remove all the “ums” and “ahs”, and rearrange the content so that it is
    more structured and flows smoothly. At the end of this step, we will send you a copy
    of the manuscript so that you can review it and suggest changes that you feel are
    necessary. You may also wish to edit it yourself, although this is entirely optional.
  • Step 4 Design and Lay Out Book
    After you have approved the manuscript, we will lay it out into a professional-looking
    book, complete with a disclaimer, table of contents, table of figures, dedication, and
    index – and design a set of front and back covers, which will include publishing
    information, a registered ISBN, and a barcode. At the end of this stage, we will send
    a final proof of the book for you to approve.
  • Step 5 Publish and Promote
    After you have approved the final proof, we will publish your book on Amazon,
    Barnes & Noble, and Kindle, and then provide you with logos and links for your
    website. (We recommend you add these to your sidebar and footer.)

It is possible for the entire Speak-a-Book process to be completed in as little as 30 days.
This means, if you pull the trigger on this TODAY, you could have your new book in your
hands in just a few short weeks. A book you can use to instantly differentiate yourself and
your firm, elevate your positioning, attract more of the cases you want, command higher
fees, and, ultimately, run a thriving law practice.

The following deliverables are part of the standard Speak-a-Book package:

  • FULL Intellectual Property Rights
    All intellectual property rights, including the book’s official ISBN number, are owned
    by you. This means you are free to print, re-print, distribute, and even republish the
    book as you see fit.
  • PDF File of Your Finished Book
    You can send this to prospects, clients, peers, business contacts, and anybody else,
    or install it on your website as a “lead magnet” for attracting new prospects (see
    below). You can also take it to a print shop and have them provide you with more
    physical. (We can provide reprints too.)
  • Amazon and Barnes & Noble Pages
    We will create an author biography and a book page, for both Amazon and Barnes &
    Noble. You’ll get the username and passwords for these platforms, and URLs and
    logos for placement on your website and other online properties – so people know
    you are a published author.
  • Printing Account
    We will set up a new account for you with our recommended printing house. This
    means you can log in any time you like and order fresh copies of your book directly.
    You just need to click a button, and your crate of books is on its way. No middleman.
    No mark-up. You enjoy the same printing rates that we get.
  • Lead Generation Widget for Your Website
    Insert this code on your website. (We will show you how.) Visitors will be shown a
    cover of your book, and prompted the enter their contact details in return for a
    complimentary PDF copy.

Your investment, for all this, is $4,997. (The regular fee is $5,997. However, if your application is accepted before the offer deadline, we will waive $1,000 of it.)

There is also an option to split this into two monthly payments of $2,547.

“This speak-a-book concept is something that interested me the first time I heard about it. Making the book and using it to educate prospective clients not only was interesting but also very lucrative for my practice. Since doing my first initial DWI book, my partners and I have done three other books in the other main practice areas of our firm.”

– David Volk, Esq., San Antonio, TX
(Trial Attorney)

“Writing all these books would’ve taken years – honestly, they probably would never have been written otherwise.”
“After 3 re-prints of our DUI book alone, we can conservatively attribute a 6-to-1 return on money spent. (My suspicion is that it’s far higher than that.) Becoming attorney authors has added to our brand and helped build our reputation among potential clients and other attorneys.”

– David Katz, Esq., Orlando, FL
(Criminal Defense Attorney)

“I did a bail law / criminal defense book that impressed a new bail bondsman that in just a few months made me $25,000.00 and landed me a speaking gig before a national bail bond organization. So I made national contacts and have even more authority.”

– Brian Manchester, Esq., Bellefonte, PA
(Criminal Defense Lawyer)

“The books I made with Jacob & Whitehall’s help are great. They’re on a website and people can download them for free. That turns into probably a good two to three potential clients a day that we would never have heard from.
“Potentials like to know a little bit about you before they pick up the phone call and the books have been great for that.”

– Brent Bowyer, Esq., Southfield, MI
(Family Law Attorney)

“Ideal for those of us with writer’s block to get your book out there in writing quickly and easily. Most of us can talk for hours about our fields, but when it comes time to write, we suffer from paralysis due to over-analysis. The solution is Speak-a-Book.”
“Second, nothing separates you from your competitors like expertise. And nothing says expertise better than a book written by you. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

– Gordon Levinson, Esq., Carlsbad, CA
(Car Accident Attorney)

“I have always wanted to be a published author but was afraid I would be a terrible writer. I was intimidated, overwhelmed and didn’t know where or how to start. Speak-a-Book took the fear out of the process and made writing this book an easy and pleasurable experience.”
We give this book to our current and potential clients and have it out in our lobby. It gives our firm more credibility and our clients valuable information.

– Armando Payas, Esq., Orlando, FL
(Personal Injury Lawyer)

“The staff was very easy to work with. I highly recommend the Speak A Book process to any attorney who wishes to give his potential clients a better understanding of the legal process. I give a copy of my book to every person who consults with me on their recent pending charges.

– Ronnie M. Cole, Esq., Anderson, SC
(Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyer)

“I think it’s a good way to enhanced one’s reputation. Both potential clients and clients are impressed by the fact that I’ve written a book in the area they’re retaining me (or considering retaining me) in. It also gives people something tangible to bring home with them. I certainly always know when I go to Doctors or other professionals, I like it when I get ‘free stuff’ as mementos of the visit. Even better that a book is actually useful.”

– David Bliven, Esq., Bronx, NY
(Divorce & Family Law Attorney)

“It’s great having a book to pass out and a book on Amazon! There is nothing like telling people you have a book on Amazon! Plus handing out books when you give a seminar is great too.”

– John B. Palley, Esq., Sacramento, CA
(Probate Attorney)

“You walked me through every step of the process, but the book still came out how I wanted it: in MY voice. I would recommend the process to almost anyone who wants instant credibility. The book is a walking advertisement that I routinely give out to new clients. By having your book, you are showing that you are a specialist that is here to stay. Highly recommend.”

– Brad J. Balke, Esq., Chicago, IL
(Injury Lawyer)

“When I wanted changes, they made changes. Nothing was a big deal. Nothing was a drama. The team at Jacobs & Whitehall just got the job done. I can’t recommend them enough.”
“The book has benefited my business by helping me to create a higher profile and awareness which has led to more paid speaking gigs and in turn more clients.”

– Dr. Dave Nicol, Brighton, England

Are You Our Next Author?

How to Apply to the Speak-a-Book Program

    1. Complete the Application Form
    2. Click the button below to get started on this now. It should take you about 5 minutes.

      No payment or credit card details are required.

    3. Your Application Will Be Reviewed
    4. Our Speak-a-Book program cannot help every attorney. Before we get on the phone and discuss your book, we need to see if you qualify for this.

      If you do qualify for this program…

    5. Discovery Consultation Over the Phone
    6. We’ll run through the terms of our service, clarify your goals, brainstorm a few book ideas, and get you in the Speak-a-Book project calendar.

Start Application »Takes ~5 mins. No payment required.

Richard Jacobs
President of Speakeasy Marketing
America’s #1 Authority on Marketing for Ambitious & Respected Attorneys



Frequently Asked Questions
About the Speak-a-Book Program
  • 1. "What is the Speak-a-Book program?"

    It's a unique and proprietary process — which we have developed through almost a decade of continuous improvement — that helps you author a book in less time than it takes to watch a movie, without writing a single word. (Read more about it above.)

    You and one of our top Speak-a-Book consultants will jump on the phone and agree on a high-level overview of the content and structure of your book. They will then go away and craft a set of carefully worded questions that are designed to "extract" this content from your head by means of an interview. The interview sessions (usually two, but sometimes three) are transcribed, and the transcription edited, chopped up, and rearranged into a manuscript. After you have approved the manuscript, our team of designers will turn it into a finished book. You will then approve the book, or propose further edits, before we publish it on Amazon.com and in Barnes & Noble.

  • 2. "What is the total investment to write a book?"

    The full fee is $5,997. However, if you apply before this offer ends, we will waive $1,000 of the full amount – you will only pay $4,997. But you must apply before the deadline.

  • 3. "Is there a payment plan option?"

    Yes. You can split the fee into two payments of $2,547.

  • 4. "Can I do multiple Speak-a-Book projects with you? I would like to author a book for a few different legal problems and/or practice areas?"

    Yes. In fact, many of our Speak-a-Book clients often decide to author a second, third, fourth, and, in a few cases, even a fifth book through this process — which is part of the reason why the limited number of project spots are often snapped up faster than we expected.

Are You Our Next Author?

How to Apply to the Speak-a-Book Program

    1. Complete the Application Form
    2. Click the button below to get started on this now. It should take you about 5 minutes to complete.

      No payment or credit card details are required.

    3. Your Application Will Be Reviewed
    4. Speak-a-Book program cannot help every attorney. Before we get on the phone and discuss your book, we need to see if you qualify for this.

      If you do qualify for this program…

    5. Discovery Consultation Over the Phone
    6. We’ll run through the terms of our service, clarify your goals, brainstorm a few book ideas, and get you in the Speak-a-Book project calendar.

Start Application »Takes ~5 mins. No payment required.

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