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Your Speak-a-Book Project Is Now Secured.

Dennis Meador
Senior Speak-a-Book Consultant
Jacobs & Whitehall Publishing

Thanks, .

Thank you for taking action on this and securing your Speak-a-Book project.

Your $500 refundable deposit has been received – and we’ve now reserved a spot for you in our
project calendar (you can decide which month later).


Please use the calendar below to select a date and time for your call.

After you have selected an appointment for the Speak-a-Book Strategy Session, you will receive a
confirmation email from me – Dennis Meador (denis@jacobsandwhitehall.com) – with all the details
you need to call in for your consultation.

I’m looking forwards to talking with you.

What Happens Now?

1. Use the calendar app below to schedule a date and time for your “pre-call” with Dennis Meador. (We’ll go over the terms, etc.)

2. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

3. Your pre-call with Dennis. An opportunity to ask questions, run through the terms of the service, and make a Yes/No decision.

4. Your Discovery Consultation with Tracy Merda. Let’s turn your book idea into a high-level outline – and get the ball rolling!

"Writing all these books would’ve taken years – honestly, they probably would never have been written otherwise."

– David Katz, Esq., Orlando, FL
(Criminal Defense Attorney)

“Ideal for those of us with writer’s block to get your book out there in writing quickly and easily. Most of us can talk for hours about our fields, but when it comes time to write, we suffer from paralysis due to over-analysis. The solution is Speak-a-Book.”

– Gordon Levinson, Esq., Carlsbad, CA
(Car Accident Attorney)

"I have always wanted to be a published author but was afraid I would be a terrible writer. I was intimidated, overwhelmed and didn’t know where or how to start. Speak-a-Book took the fear out of the process and made writing this book an easy and pleasurable experience."

– Armando Payas, Esq., Orlando, FL
(Personal Injury Lawyer)

"You walked me through every step of the process, but the book still came out how I wanted it: in MY voice. I would recommend the process to almost anyone who wants instant credibility."

– Brad J. Balke, Esq., Chicago, IL.
(Injury Lawyer)

"When I wanted changes, they made changes. Nothing was a big deal. Nothing was a drama. The team at Jacobs & Whitehall just got the job done. I can’t recommend them enough."

– Dr. Dave Nicol, Brighton, England

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