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Should Attorneys Chase Potentials?

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Should attorneys chase potential clients?

It’s a good question.

And the answer isn’t as obvious as one might, at first, suppose.

Before I give you my answer, we need to make an important distinction between chasing a potential and following up with them. Because even if, on the surface, these actions look the same, there is a world of difference.

When you follow up with a potential, you’re doing it for their benefit.

The unspoken assumption is that, by taking an interest in their situation and making it easy for them to move forward, you are doing them a favor.

We’re all busy.

All of us juggle too many responsibilities.

Sometimes, we need someone to prod us, as long as they are pleasant and professional about it — and we feel they have our best interests to heart.

In fact, professional follow-up can often be a service.

(I’ve lost count of the number of times a potential Speak-a-Booker has thanked me for having someone call them back multiple times. They had every intention of getting started with a book, but needed a gentle poke.)

When you chase a potential, though, it reeks of neediness.

The unspoken assumption is that you want something from her, and the power is in her hands to grant you the privilege of representing her.

Attorneys should NEVER chase potentials.

It weakens your positioning.

And without strong positioning, you can’t command the kind of respectable fees your experience deserves. You have to take “market rate”.

The great thing about handing a book to potentials who come into your office (or mailing out a copy to high-value potentials who call) is that it does almost all of your follow-up for you. And it cannot be misconstrued as chasing.

Potentials take it away, read through it once or twice, and each time their desire to have you represent them keeps growing.

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