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Does “Esq.” Still Mean Anything?

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Does the suffix “Esq.” still mean anything?

It’s a question worth pondering, in my humble opinion.

In times of old, “Esquire” was a mark of dignity, almost nobility. It was a sign that someone ranked higher than the ordinary gentleman. Because that’s how attorneys were viewed — as being above ordinary law-abiding members of society, who afforded lawyers a level of respect beyond mere courtesy.

These days?

The legal profession just doesn’t have that dignity anymore.

Sorry, but it doesn’t.

Like it or not, rightly or wrongly, fair or not, most people do not, by default, view attorneys as being noble or “above” the ordinary gentleman.

Society doesn’t put you on that same pedestal anymore.

Not by default.

You have to create that pedestal yourself.

You need to elevate your positioning, and give yourself that dignity. Because society won’t give it to you on a platter. You need to command respect.

Maybe you disagree with that.

And if so, feel free to leave a comment and sock it to me.

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