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Need More Calls… from
Qualified Prospects?

Repurpose Your Speak-a-Book into an
Authority “Satellite” Website* that Keeps Your
Pipeline Stuffed full of Red-Hot Case Leads,
Even When You’re Too Busy to Hustle

* “Satellite” website = a second (or even third, fourth, fifth, etc.) website that attracts a very
specific type of potential client, without cannibalizing your main website or marketing.

Tracy Merda

From The Desk Of:
Tracy Merda
Attorney Publishing Specialist
Senior Project Manager, Jacobs & Whitehall Publishing

Does Online Marketing
Really Work for Attorneys?

“Each month, hundreds of consumers in your city search Google for an attorney in your practice area. If
your website doesn’t appear at the top of the first page of the results, they won’t know you exist.”

Sound familiar?

As most of our clients know, from bitter experience, there’s something important that all of the SEO
companies and marketing firms forgot to mention when they repeat this promise. More often than not,
these “consumers” who search Google for keywords like “st louis dwi” are not quality prospects looking
for the best attorney to represent them – they are price shoppers, and probably can’t even afford you.

Here’s something else these SEO companies probably didn’t tell you:

Besides these “legal consumers”, there is a second stream of potential clients who search online for
information. However, unlike the first, these potentials are not looking for an attorney. Not immediately.
They are looking for information about their legal situation. And the kind of search words they type into
Google give you a clue as to their quality: “oregon divorce what happens to a second home”. These
potentials are not your run-of-the-mill digital tire-kicker. They are educated, motivated, and affluent
people who have just been landed with an unexpected legal problem or need, and are using the
internet to learn more about their situation before they contact an attorney.

How to Tap into This (Mostly)
Unknown Source of Quality Leads

How do attract these higher-quality potentials? How do you give them the answers, perspective, and,
perhaps, reassurance they need, and get them to call you? How you bring them into your office?

Content. Lots of high-quality content.

And if you have authored — or are authoring — a Speak-a-Book with us, then you already have the
valuable and insightful content you need to attract these case leads. You just need to get it out there.

This is what our new Authority Platform upgrade is about.

Over the course of a year, we repurpose your Speak-a-Book into a new authority website, i.e. a second
“satellite” website that is separate from your existing website,

  • Shows up near the top of the search results for hundreds of the long-tail “question” keywords
    that high-quality potentials type into Google when they want to learn more about their legal
    situation — allowing you capture their attention before they talk to other attorneys
  • Provides helpful, insightful, and compassionate content that gives potentials they clarity and
    reassurance they desperately seek, educates them on the importance of getting the right help,
    and earns their trust quickly — inoculating their psyche against cheaper competitors
  • Positions you as the authority for cases like theirs, by making sure they know about your book,
    your Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble presence, and other symbols that elevate your status as
    a respected authority — pre-selling them on hiring YOU, rather than just “an attorney
  • Gives “hot” potentials a way to request a consultation or case review immediately, so you can
    get them in your office and close them — providing you with immediate business you need
  • Gives “warm” prospects a way to request more information, usually a complimentary copy of
    your book, so you can follow up with them — stuffing your pipeline full of quality leads
  • Provides potential referral partners with a compelling resource they can share with any of their
    clients who might need your help — attracting “hot” and “warm” referral leads

Ultimately, our new Authority Platform service is about creating, and maintaining, dependable flow of
quality leads that match the type of clients and cases you want to represent, and on autopilot.

This will not happen overnight.

In fact, this platform is something we’re going to build out over twelve months.

Deliverables – i.e. What
You Can Expect, and When

There are two different levels of this service: the enhanced package and the ultimate package. Both
provide you with an authority platform that we build out over a year. However, the extended package
gives you a bigger, more prestigious, and more ubiquitous online presence. (It has more arms, which
extend further into far corners of the internet that the enhanced package cannot reach as easily.)

First quarter (starting the month you come aboard):

  • Register Domain Name — Based on your book’s title, unless you decide on a different
    address. We will take care of the registration and configuration. Your new Authority Platform
    website will be completely independent of your existing website. It adds to your current
    marketing; it doesn’t interfere with it at all.
  • Install and Configure WordPress, with a Premium Custom Theme — When potentials land
    on your new website, what they see right away, before they read a single word, will smack of
    prestige and professionalism. It can also look and feel like your existing marketing.
  • Create Standard Website Pages — We will create a homepage, “about us” page, “contact us”
    page, and the other standard website pages, based on the content of your current website. The
    copy on these pages will be 100% unique though, so as to not affect your other websites.
  • Publish 6 Content Articles — These will come from your book. We will publish them on your
    new website, according to an agreed publishing calendar. These articles will attract potentials
    who search Google for answers to their legal questions. (As explained earlier.)
  • Video Library (ultimate package) — We will send our team of videographers to your practice,
    to record video versions of your most compelling articles. This is easier than it sounds. Unless
    you find it easier to “freestyle”, we will have you sitting at your desk and reading out copy from a
    teleprompter. Our team will then transform the footage into around 6-12 separate videos and
    upload publish them onto your new website as a video library.

Second quarter (starting on the fourth month):

  • “Warm” Prospects Lead Generation Funnel — This will appear as a call-to-action on every
    page and content article. It will invite “warm” prospects to request a complimentary copy of your
    book (a physical or PDF copy), by entering their contact information. (We will set up a pop-up
    box, a “hello” bar, a side-bar ad on every content article page, and “boilerplate” text at the
    bottom of every content article. Converts website visitors into potential clients.
  • Authority Symbols and Trust Badges — We will install badges/logos from Amazon.com,
    Barnes & Noble, the Kindle Store, and other platforms on which you are published, on every
    page. Before potentials read a single word, they will know that you are an authority. This
    establishes your positioning and reinforces it again on every page potentials visit.
  • Publish More Content Articles — Again, these are from your book. We will publish them onto
    your new website, according to an agreed publishing calendar.
  • YouTube Channel (ultimate package) — We will create, set up, and optimize a YouTube
    video channel, and then publish your video articles onto it over several months. As you may
    know, YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine. However, what a lot of people
    don’t realize is that YouTube is also a recommendation engine. It uses AI and data collected
    from Google’s vast web of online properties to recommend videos to your potentials that it
    thinks are a good fit. If a potential has been searching Google for information about their legal
    situation, there is a good chance that YouTube will recommend your videos.
  • Vimeo Channel (ultimate package) — Vimeo is like YouTube, only for professionals, and
    allows us to embed videos on your website in a way that looks smarter and more professional. It
    also reduces your dependency on YouTube. We will set up and optimize a Vimeo channel.

Third quarter (starting on the seventh month):

  • Content Boost (ultimate package) — At the start of this third quarter, we will conduct another
    “deep dive” content interview, just like we did for your Speak-a-Book. This gives you another 18-
    24 written articles and helps bring more potentials to your website.
  • “Hot” Prospects Lead Generation Funnel — This allows potential with an urgent legal need,
    or who are pre-sold on retaining you, to request a consultation or case review in your office. It
    will integrate with an online calendar app, so that potentials can schedule their appointment
    from the website. We will install this funnel as an extra step in your existing “warm” prospects
    funnel, as an “up-sell”, and advertise it on various parts of your website.
  • Publish More Content Articles — Again, these are from your book. We will publish them onto
    your new website, according to an agreed publishing calendar.
  • Podcast Series (ultimate package) — By extracting the audio layer of your videos, and then
    embellishing them with a professionally-recorded intro and outro jingle, we can create an entire
    series of podcast episodes to compliment your book, written articles, and video library. This will
    make your website an extremely valuable resource. Few potentials, of course, would want to
    watch your videos, listen to your podcasts, and read your articles. Most gravitate toward one
    type of media. However, just seeing them there further elevates your authority.
  • Publish and Syndicate Podcasts (ultimate package) — We will set up and maintain accounts
    for you on iTunes, Apple Store, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and every other major podcast platform.
    Over a period of a few months, we will publish and syndicate your podcast series. This creates
    the sense that you are everywhere, because you actually are everywhere.

Fourth quarter (starting on the tenth month):

  • Serialize Your Book into a “411” Sequence — This is a concept that we invented. When a
    “warm” or “hot” prospect enters their contact information, they will receive automated emails and
    texts that contain content from your book, to bring them up to speed on important concepts
    relating to their case. This is a fantastic way to keep your name at the top of their mind.
  • Publish More Content Articles — Again, these are from your book. We will publish them onto
    your new website, according to an agreed publishing calendar.
  • Audiobook (ultimate package) — We will hire a professional voice actor and produce an audio
    version of your book. You can send a CD out with your book, so potentials can listen to it in their
    car, and it also raises the perceived value of your book package. Or, you can send an MP3 for
    them to listen to on their phone, perhaps while walking or working out.
  • Publish Audiobook on Audible.com (ultimate package) — Some people prefer audio books
    over printed books and go out of their way to search Audible.com for information and resources
    that can help them with their legal problem or situation. However, the real value of being on here
    is that it is another, third, platform on which you are a published author.
  • Authority Symbols and Trust Badges (ultimate package) — Now that you are also published
    on Audible.com, and have a YouTube channel, Vimeo channel, podcast series in the Apple
    iTunes, podcast series on Google Play, and a presence on iHeart Radio, Spotify, and several
    other online platforms, we will add all these symbols, badges, and links at strategic points on
    your website, so that they are visible to every visitor.

That is what you get with the Authority Platform program.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much it costs and what the next step is — if you’re
interested in applying to this new program and want to talk with someone on the phone.

We’ll get to that in a moment. First, though, a few finer points about this program.

Finer Point #1:
This Is a Restricted Program

Authority Platform is available to Speak-a-Book clients only. No exceptions. This is for reasons that
should be obvious if you have read the deliverables above. You need to have authored, or currently be
authoring, a book with us — because your book’s content is the backbone of this entire strategy.

However, being a Speak-a-Book client does not guarantee a place on this program.

This is because of the amount of work that is involved from our end. Thanks to the Speak-a-Book
method we use to extract your book’s content from your mind and get it down on paper, there is almost
no work required from you
. We take care of almost everything for you, and hand you the keys to a
finished authority website that will attract a new stream of qualified cases leads. However, in the
background, we will be carrying out a LOT of hard and time-consuming work.

Because of this, there is a strict limit to the:

  1. Number of new Authority Platform clients we can onboard each month
  2. Number of total ongoing Authority Platform websites we can support

This is a new program. However, we expect these limited spots to start filling up soon. And, when that
happens — to be completely candid with you — we may need to place you a waiting list.

That’s the first finer point.

Finer Point #2:
This Is a 12-Month Commitment

This is a program, not a one-off service. Your new authority website is going to take shape, grow, and
begin attracting quality leads over the course of a year. And each of the deliverables listed above will
be implemented over four quarterly phases, as detailed. Consider this a medium-term investment.

You will almost certainly not see new leads coming in until the third quarter, possibly the fourth. So, if
you are in desperate need of new leads, the Authority Platform service is probably not for you.

Finer Point #3:
Results Are NOT Guaranteed

As you know and appreciate, there are many factors that affect whether or not you can successfully
attract potentials into your practice and convert them into clients. Most of these factors are outside of
our control. Therefore, we cannot ethically guarantee any kind of business result for you.

We can transform your book into a second (or third, etc.) authority website.

We can get this website ranked for dozens, and then soon, hundreds of different question keywords
that quality potentials type into Google when they are searching for legal information.

We can fill your website with compelling, informative, and ethical content that makes these qualified
potentials want to pick up the phone and call you or send an email enquiry.

We can even give you complimentary resources to help you and/or your admin staff convert more of
these calls into consultations and signed retainer agreements (see bonus package below).

But we cannot ethically guarantee a specific business result.

“Okay. Just Tell Me the Fee.”

Enhanced Package:

  • $997* for the first month
  • $350/month* thereafter for the rest of the year (11 months)

Ultimate Package:

  • $997/month* for the duration of the program (12 months)

Payment is by card. If you are accepted into the program, you will be charged on the date of enrollment
and then every 30 days until the end of the program.

(* Prices valid until the end of April 2020.)

Fast-Action Bonuses
($4,988 Complimentary)

NOTE: The following three fast-action bonuses are not part of the Authority Platform program. In
order to qualify for them, you must apply within 30 days of completing your new Speak-a-Book.
  • Bonus #1: Conversion Tools — A collection of telephone scripts, voicemail welcome scripts,
    email templates, and full written procedures for your admin staff. Ensures that every phone call,
    email enquiry, or LiveChat message, from a “warm” or “hot” potential is being handled properly,
    so you never have to worry about losing a solid case because it “fell through the cracks”.
    ($1,997 value)
  • Bonus #2: Mystery Shop and Analysis Coupons x 2 — We recommend you use these in the
    second and fourth quarters of the program. A member of our team will, incognito go through the
    lead-generation funnels and call your practice for more information, as a “hot” potential would in
    real life. Every interaction with your staff will be recorded. You will receive a written report that
    scores your practice’s performance in multiple different areas and recommends specific
    measures you can implement to improve each of these scores.
    ($1,994 value)
  • Bonus #3: Amazon Review Avalanche — You provide us with a list of happy clients,
    professional contacts, friends, etc. We will send them a complimentary copy of your book, at our
    expense, and follow up with them in order to get a fair and honest review on Amazon.com. We
    will also insert some of the best reviews into your website, at strategic points, to further elevate
    your authority. Every potential client who lands on your site will see five stars next to an Amazon
    logo and a photo of your book and will know immediately that you are a respected author.
    ($997 value)

What Is the Next Step?

If you are interested in applying to our new Authority Platform program, the next step is to schedule a
telephone call, so we answer your questions and make sure this program is right for you.

I’m really looking forward to hopefully working with you on this soon. Authority Platform is a fantastic
new program, and I know it’s going to help blow up many of our clients’ phones.

All the best,

Tracy Merda
Senior Project Manager
Jacobs & Whitehall Publishing

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